Rules of the road…or lack thereof.

October 28, 2010

Male Chastity is a game. A very sexy game. Games need rules. MC however is one game where there is no standard set of rules, you are pretty much on your own. From what I have seen online, many couples create a contract. After reading many examples of these contracts, it just didn’t seem to fit with what we wanted out of chastity. They seemed very formal and set in stone, as contracts typically are. Being brand new at this, we really don’t know enough about what we want to commit to this type of rule making.

When I discussed the topic of rules with Belle, she seemed very timid.

“I’ll make the rules up as I go.”

Fair enough I suppose. You are in charge. However, that doesn’t give me much to go on since she hasn’t seen fit to impose any rules since we have started, aside from the obvious not being allowed to cum until she says I can.

In order to kick things off, I proposed a couple of rules to her. Both rules have been approved and are being enforced as though she made them herself. The first of which being the most extreme.

Rule 1: I am never allowed to experience an orgasm outside of her presence.

I never really had a problem with masturbation. I did it a little more than I would have liked, but from what I have read, I wasn’t nearly as bad what appears to be average.

I love the idea of her having that much control. Knowing that I will never cum again without her hearing my moans and seeing the pleasure-filled strained look on my face is quite the mind fuck.

Rule 2: I am not allowed to touch myself sexually, even while not locked up, without consent.

The first rule stomps out the possibility of orgasm altogether. However, with permission, I am allowed to play. This rule came out of necessity due to being on the honor system until the device arrives. Being allowed to masturbate when I want, in my opinion, takes away much of the excitement. After getting no stimulation for a day or two, that first touch feels amazing. Were it not for rule number 2, I would never get to experience this. I wouldn’t be able to do anything other than edge myself all day long in this sexually charged state I find myself in.

So those are our rules thus far. I am hoping that Belle with come up with some more.


  1. I know you read my blog, so I am sure you read my post about our contract that started out at 1600 words and ended up with nine: “Ab’s locked up. Dev’s in charge. We’re having fun.” I think it is important to not get too carried away in the rules & regulations department. Think of them as guidelines, instead, that can be modified as needed with your mutual consent.

    Just a thought…enjoying your posts so far!


    • Thanks! Still getting the hang of the blogging thing.

      I have read that post on your blog. I think somewhere in between is a good place for us at least until we get our device. The honor system is a different beast and without some rules it really wouldn’t be chastity. Once I’m locked, the physical limitations will be a lot more clear.

      Belle has said that if the kids cooperate, she will make her first post tonight!

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