About last night…

October 29, 2010

Last night was pretty great. Went to bed without expectations(I did my best to put the promises of stimulation she gave me earlier out of my head just incase she changed her mind) and was pleasantly surprised.

Belle fondled me for a while, getting me quite slippery. My hand ventured from her waist down to her inner thigh where is was lovingly but firmly stopped in its tracks and relocated back at her waist. That was pretty hot. I wanted to finger her but knew better than to attempt anything unless told.

I don’t typically let myself get to the edge while playing with chastity unless I’ve been told to get myself there. At this point, unless I’m the one doing the stimulating, I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop in time. I’m sure this will change pretty soon because last night she had me very close to the edge. 

She then abruptly stopped. Stopped touching me and just laid there. That was agonizing! Are we done? Are you just taking a minute? WTF is going on?



“Go to sleep.”

She then rolls over and backs up against me. Wow! Good job babe! That fucked me up! I wanted to fuck her so bad. She knew it too. The small of her back was dripping with precum within about a minute. 

After about 10 minutes, my erection subsided. She then informed me that we might try a ruined orgasm this weekend. Erection is back. So now I have something to look forward to(and dread). 🙂


PS. I showed Belle how to post blogs last night so you may be hearing from her soon.

One comment

  1. We had a similar sort of experience last night but it did include actual fucking edging but no orgasm for Ab. Once Ab was out, I did get a nice orgasm with the vibrator. I’ve gotten very selfish over the past few months of this game and if he is going to get me turned on and wound up, I want the grand finale. It might be a consequence of having gone so many years without any orgasms at all. I’m making up for lost ground. LOL.

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