Plastic vs. Metal

October 29, 2010

After looking around at Orgasm Denial sites, Jnuts became more and more interested in taking our MC from the honor system to something a little more extreme.  He proposed the possibility of getting a male chastity device, and when I did not say No, he became pretty damn excited.  I think that is when I realized how much he was really into this.  He spent several days looking at devices, and like everything else we do he began to obsess.  Money is obviously an issue for everyone, and we are no exception.  I quit my job 2 years ago when I became pregnant with our first child, and we became a 1 income family with 2 small children.  However, we both believe the old adage “You get what you pay for”.  That being said, he was looking at multiple devices and settled on at least 3 different ones-only to read another review that made him change his mind.  At first it was a CB of some sort, but he read how many of the tubes split after long use (which he was obviously hoping this was going to turn into).  Then it was the exobelt extreme.  All this time I kept telling him whatever one you want, you are wearing it, not me.  We laid in bed one night looking at different ones online (thank god for the Iphone) and he kept coming back to the Mature Metal website.  He said if we really like this, then I am going to want one of these.  All the reviews and sites said how comfortable the jailbird is for long term use.

The next morning I made my first decision of the game so to speak.  He was ordering one from Mature Metal, I did not like the look of the plastic.  It was ok, but did nothing for me in a sexual turn on way.  The exobelt looked to me like a plastic cup that you would buy at Walmart for a softball game.  The metal one, well that is different.  I could see it being extremely hot.  By this time I had started reading the http://www.chastityforums.com , and had even registered an account.  There was no turning back now!  All it took was for me to say that I don’t like the plastic, and an email was sent off to Mature Metal to order the sizing rings!

When the rings came later in the week I must say that I was surprised the effect that they did have on me.  He wore the sizing ring that we ended up ordering (1 7/8 if you are interested) for 2 days as a cock ring to determine correct size.  The site of the brushed steel against what I was coming to see as my cock was a definite turn on.  We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the JB, and I am sure it will have more of an affect than the ring alone did.

One comment

  1. Watch out, ordering devices from Mature Metal can easily become an obsession! LOL. I think it is partly because the owner is so nice and provides such great customer service. I’m with you…the metal is hot and I can’t stand the plastic. The CB was useful for sizing my husband’s Jailbird but esthetically, it did nothing for me. I think you made a good decision for the two of you. Fingers crossed that you don’t have any issues with the fit.


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