For the good of mankind…The Ruined Orgasm!

October 30, 2010

Well, it definitely wasn’t expected tonight, but a ruined orgasm it was!

Belle is quickly slipping into the role of keyholder. It is somewhat frightening yet insanely exciting at the same time.
I sent her an IM from work today asking her what she wanted to do tonight. I was expecting the usual, “I don’t care.” I already had my next message typed out expressing my desire to watch Survivor that had been DVRed on Wednesday. My iPhone buzzed signaling a response that was NSFW.

“We will just have to go to bed and see how far things go.”

<!–more–>Totally didn’t expect that! Now I totally wasn’t expecting an orgasm because a couple nights ago while we were making love she informed me it would be at least another week(awesome!). Just incase I was getting other ideas, i got another message.

“You will not be having an orgasm.”

Who is this woman and will she marry me? Oh wait…excellent…

So anyway, got the kids to bed and my mind is racing, wondering what is in store. She laid down next to me and just looked at me. I started to kiss her and touch her thighs, I had the text message equivalent of a greenlight after all. I am then told I can use my tongue but not my hands. After doing just that to bring her to orgasm, she rolled over to go to sleep. For a split second I felt a little left out, but it actually passed rather quickly. I had really enjoyed eating her out and if it was time to go to sleep, it was a good night!

I curled up next to her and after about a minute of holding her she told me that I could have a couple of minutes of “me” time. Awesome! I asked her how far I could go and she told me I was allowed to edge myself. I grabbed some lotion and before long I had to stop to keep from cumming. Now keep in mind, I haven’t touched myself aside from showering and urinating for at least a week. That isn’t something easy to become accustomed to.

After a minute or so, I asked her if I could do it one more time. She said I could. This time, I had that layer of precum that definitely heightened things(guys you know what I’m talking about) and after a few seconds, I was done again. Belle then asked me how this ruined orgasm was supposed to work. I explained it briefly and she asked if I wanted to try it. Of course I did!

She positioned herself to watch and I resumed stroking. I let her know that it might take a couple tries as I was going to be as cautious as I could to not get any orgasmic feeling but still go over the edge. It ended up taking 3 attempts. On the third try I informed her that I was going to allow an orgasm to start right before I let go. That did the trick! I got maybe a half a second of an orgasm and then I let go. For about 2 seconds, nothing happened. I was thinking I would have to try again. Then a long, warm stream of cum hit me in the stomach. I didn’t even feel it come out! It was followed by several more spurts. It was dark and from my position I couldn’t see, but it felt like a lot.

“Yeah, that was it.”

My wife later compared me to many things. She believes the most accurate is a little boy who just opened a sweater from his grandma on Christmas morning when he was expecting a toy.

The crazy thing was, I didn’t feel a thing. No post orgasmic coma. I was still horny! After about 30 seconds, I declared this to my wife and I told her to take advantage of it. There is one true test and she knew it. She ran two of her fingers through the thick stream on my stomach and stuck them in my mouth ( a huge fantasy of mine that like so many guys I can’t do because of the state they are in after orgasm…that is a whole future blog of its own I’m sure). I licked my cum off her fingers with not problem. Test passed!

We then had a good laugh(mostly her) about my reaction to my toyless Christmas and then talked about our progress in MC so far. Good times.

Since I then couldn’t sleep, I decided to write about this while it was fresh in my mind.

I know there are numerous typos and I will correct them in the morning because it is a bitch to do from my iPhone.


PS. Now I just need to find a way to cum inside my precious Belle and still feel like this afterward so I can accomplish my ultimate fantasy.


  1. I am sending this to my husband. We still haven’t figured out how to “do” a ruined orgasm but this seems to be a pretty clear step-by-step instruction manual. Thanks for info. Very helpful. LOL.

    Good Lord, you typed this whole thing on your iPhone? I can barely type a response to a blog post on the iPad, much less imagine typing a whole post on the phone. Good for you!


    • I love my iPhone and have become very profficient at using it. Most days I don’t even bother getting out the laptop. The best thing about smartphones is that NSFW no longer exists!

  2. Nice description of what a ruined orgasm is. But, as for a ruined orgasm INSIDE Belle, well, good luck. I don’t think that is possible. Although, when I think about it, it is maybe possible if, at the critical point just before you ejaculate, the both of you stay ab-so-lu-te-ly still. In that way, there would be none of that extra stimulation that makes the male orgasm so explosive. You might then be able to give yourself a true ruined orgasm while being inside Belle. It is worth a try… all in the name of science of course 🙂

    • Yeah, I don’t think it is possible. Even the tightness of being inside her would have been enough stimulation to give me a real orgasm. It would be a good time though if it were possible. 😦

  3. Hi there,

    My wife and I are new to male chastity too. We’ve been at it for about 2 1/2 weeks. We were able to have a ruined orgasm for me while I was inside her last week. She allowed to me to get right to the cliff’s edge and then made me stop completely. After two seconds we could feel my cock release a huge amount of cum inside her. Then she made me wait, unmoving, until I’d grown soft. I pulled out, wiped off, and was locked up. It is possible!


    • Good to know!

      Most of the time, feeling me cum makes Belle cum though. I could definitely see this happening most of the time when I ejaculate now due to it being a rare event. Her keeping still probably won’t be an option. 😉

      Welcome to the lifestyle btw! If you haven’t already, check out chastityforums.com. Lots of good people over there.

  4. She won’t feel you cum if you can barely feel you cum! But i suspect the warmth and pressure will be enough to make it more pleasurable and hard to spoil.

    That said there may come a time when you do it anyway even if you have just cum. This may sound odd but I have grown to almost like the taste. Not a lot, but a bit at least.

  5. Perhaps a thicker penis sleeve (I see some marketed as “extenders” but maybe you can find one that just cages the shaft/opens at the top) could cut down on the distracting feeling of warmth and tightness for you, but won’t compromise feeling for her.

  6. Read your fantasy on ruined orghasm while in her! I too thouight no way But it happened. She was totally soaked and not real tight like C normally is. I felt it starting and totally stopped she did too except for her vibrator! LOL Then it happened I fely virtually nothing but upon pulling out and a small stroke saw the proof. I also noticed the results escaping from her! Trully unbelievable and not sure it could ever be done again but maybe practice makes perfect? K&C

  7. […] of ruined orgasms, 25% of all of our traffic is for this page. What is it about ruined orgasms that intrigues people so much? Perhaps I will find out tonight and […]

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