The morning after.

October 30, 2010

Just a brief update.

The Ruined Orgasm seems to have done what it was supposed to.  I would say that I’ve lost about 10% of my MC high.  Not too bad considering.  I have lost a bit of the fullness that I have grown accustomed to which is a bit disappointing.  All in all, I would say that, were it up to me, Ruined Orgasms would be saved for fairly long sessions of Orgasm Denial, or for times when we physically wanted semen for something (making me consume it, she just has a craving for the feel of it, etc…). We were really just doing it to see what it was like so no harm done.

We did do some talking about it today and she did ask me if the cum in my mouth really didn’t bother me.  It didn’t.  This was pretty astonishing for her last night because like most guys who have that fantasy, it was always crazy appealing right up until it was possible.  After ejaculation…ugh.  I have only been able to do it once out of many attempts.  That involved cumming into a shot glass and my wife pouring it down my throat. Eating my own cum really does nothing for my wife.  She only does it because she knows I’m hung up on it.  I’m assuming if I do it a few times, now that I ‘m able, it probably won’t be such a big fantasy anymore.  I’m sure we will find out down the road.

Discussing it with her did make me hard as hell and in the aftermath, my underwear was quite soaked….so that is functioning as it should be as well.

So yes, I would say success.  Time to march on.  I’m sure my balls will feel full again in no time.



  1. Semen fetishes are great and fun but not often discussed. Good for you for being open and sharing. I hope you have more good experiences in the future. And…it semen becomes a rare commodity, because you are not ejaculating, then those opportunities to drink and play with it will be even more special. Enjoy…


    • Thanks. Belle and I have discussed this quite a bit (much more comfortably now that we have started MC….things seem much easier to talk about now). I didn’t want to gross her out, and I didn’t know it was as common as it is. She is cool with it but really doesn’t care for it one way or the other. That may change with my willingness to actually do it, I don’t know. At first, I did think it was a very weird fantasy to have because it is pretty easy to associate it with being gay which I obviously know I’m not. We have also done some pegging which is pretty much in the same boat. I came to realize that it wasn’t the actual act that I liked (the pegging isn’t bad but it doesn’t really do much for me physically). I found that is was her taking control that I enjoyed. That brings us to where we are today. Pretty good arrangement so far! We kind of look at it from the frame of mine that as long as it is something we enjoy, and we are doing it together, we aren’t going to rule anything out. Anything that gets ruled out will be because we don’t want to do it, not because someone might think it is weird.

      • Too many straight guys are freaked at doing something that seems “too gay” because they think it will turn them gay…ie, anal sex, semen play and so on. What a ridiculous idea. Fortunately, my husband has never had this hang up and it sounds like you don’t either. So good for you, have fun and have at it. My 2 cents.


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