Hello November…I love you…

November 1, 2010

Last night didn’t quite go as planned. Our youngest daughter fell asleep as intended but our oldest…did not want any part of it. I’m on the early shift this week so I went to bed. Was hoping for a little play time but I was quite tired so no harm done.

About an hour later, Belle came to bed. She woke me up and in my delerium, I half begged her to touch me. She informed me that she had planned on it but she knew I needed to get some sleep. I assured her that in chastity, sex trumps sleep every time.

She then gave me a round of the most deliciously sensual fondling that I can remember. All the while telling me how she hates reading about women who don’t derive pleasure from giving pleasure to their husbands. She told me that she could not imagine feeling that way. This of course did nothing but enhance what I was feeling. The whole while, I’m secretly swearing to myself that I am by far the luckiest man on earth to have a wife this sexy, that cares about me this much, and yes, that knows how to do with her hands what she was doing to me right then.

The begging began. It is insane how weak she can make me with her hands.

“You can fuck me.”

I was on her before she finished the sentence. It started fast, but before long was slow yet still very intense. I marveled at how easily our bodies fit together. It was like we were one. I also remember thinking, and I brought this up to her afterwards, that sex hadn’t changed much. It was still very “normal”. I was in the lead, but I took her non-verbal direction. Chastity hadn’t really affected this part aside from, thus far, intensifying it. Her orgasm caught me by surprise. I knew it was on its way, and she did inform me when she was there, but it was over before I knew it. She said that it was a very slow and gradual build up. I can honestly say I know exactly what she means!

I thought at this point that it was over.

“Do you need to get closer?”
“I don’t need anything.”
“Do you want to get closer?”

There is one position that I really love in a “makes me cum hard every time” kinda way. It involves her lying on her side, me, on my knees, straddling her bottom leg while her other leg is pulled about halfway to her stomach. Can’t picture that? Oh well, not the point. Just know that it is GOOD! We have not used this position since we started orgasm denial. Probably due to the fact that it is very easy for me to cum, and very hard for me to stop.

She told me to fuck her like that and to edge myself. My God! I was SO close to the edge for about 2 minutes before she told me to pull out. We are talking the edge of a razor here. I remember thinking, and I’m pretty sure I told her after I pulled out, that I was so close, she could very likely give me one tight upward stroke and it would be all over. I could not have stopped it. That would have defeated the purpose, was her response. I totally agreed. In fact, I think I recall at one point telling my love that I would like to eventually go months without an orgasm.

Very good night. I might not remember all the details clearly but what I do remember was perfect.

I hate winter. November always rubs me the wrong way because it always seems to bring winter with it. November and I have now worked through our differences.


  1. Really nice. Lovely post. Especially since you did not cum while she did… sexier that way.

    • Thanks. There was all kinds of sexy going on!

  2. Nice post. Happy November!

  3. One of our fave positions. I’m surprised that there’s not a name for it.

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