Taken by surprise…

November 2, 2010

I had seen Belle typing away last night and I was assuming she was posting to the blog. As always, I was looking forward to reading what she had to say. When I did read it, I was quite shocked. This was the first I was hearing of this set back. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little hurt. Actually, I was hurt quite a bit. The girls were acting up so we didn’t have much chance to discuss it after she posted it.

I did have plenty of time to mull over it though, and while my knee jerk reaction isn’t surprising, I do think it was around 92% unwarranted. When reading her post, my mind immediately went to “She is unhappy. She is going to want to stop.” Neither of those thoughts are true. I also immediately got into the mindset that I’m not being good enough. I don’t think that is the case either.

I have been going through many emotional and hormonal changes in this game. Being in a non-orgasmic high is great, but it is not without challenges. I guess I never really considered the effect(aside from the obvious) that chastity would have on her too. That isn’t true. I considered it in the beginning. I guess I just forgot.

We are still new at this. I guess I figured my end of the bargain was the most difficult and she must be used to the game by now. Um…idiot. We knew this was going to be difficult for Belle. Of the two of us. I am by far the kinky one. It is going to take time to adjust, especially with Belle’s tendancy to overthink. I just need to remain supportive and not take it personally when she is having a day where she is feeling hesitant.

Oddly enough, when I read her blog, losing the kinky sex was the furthest thing from my mind. I immediately feared losing the new found closeness and the open line of communication that chastity has helped us create. I don’t was to go back to our old ways if that disappears as well.

I love you Belle. Stop thinking so much. 😉

Sorry guys. No sexy details in this one. Hey, if Belle and I don’t get any, neither do you! 🙂


  1. I do think it is interesting that when you become invested in the chastity game, you do worry that the other person is going to want to quit. The partner who brought it up I think has more insecurity around this. I certainly worry that Ab is going to say “No more,” and I’ll be left with a naked cock and a bunch of metal devices that he’ll refuse to wear. When I start feeling that worry, I think of those blogs where people write about going back and forth, playing for a while, then taking a break. It doesn’t have to be 365/24/7 although that is a very hot fantasy, isn’t it?

    I do think the benefits, such as more open communication, are long-lasting and will continue beyond the confines of the game.


  2. Lol. Honestly, I read Belle’s post, and then yours, and my first thought was “He’s thinking too much, not Belle!” hehe.

    I do find it amusing how my own thought processes can get confused in a hormonal haze. It gives me a more sympathy for mood swings during PMS.

    You know and love her. Trust her to work through the doubts. Be grateful to her for sharing them. That’s an uncommon gift she has given you.


    • I know. This blog and the forum are really helping with the communication thing. Thoughts are sometimes more clear when written instead of verbal. And for the record, I try to think as little as possible. 😉

      • lol.. ya, that’s when I get myself into trouble, for sure! ;-p

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