Your son is so hot….

November 2, 2010

um, he is my husband.  But thanks.

Yeah.  That was me, less than a week after Jnuts and I were married.  We were with some friends, and Jnuts was walking around a convention center with no shirt on. (Long story, not sexual in nature-I promise 🙂 )  I was standing outside the restroom waiting for my husband and a woman walked up to me and proceeded to tell me how hot my son was, and that all of the women had been staring at him for quite some time.  A friend was standing there with me, and he was laughing so hard that he could not breathe.  Needless to say when Jnuts walked out of the restroom I quickly escorted him up to our hotel room and made him change.  Like I said this was less than a week after we were married.

Fast forward a few months.  It happened again!  This time is was a couple of teenage girls at a bowling alley who about dropped their plate of nachos staring at him.  Now I am sure it has been mentioned in an earlier blog or a post somewhere that Jnuts is 9.5 years younger than me.  To make things worse he has that baby face that still gets him student discounts at football games.  All of this is wonderful and great, knowing that when we go home I am the one he can’t keep his hands off of.  He has never given me any indication that he would ever stray, and this is not the reason for our new MC lifestyle.

Yet it is nice to know that the cock they were all lusting after is under lock and key.  And I hold the key 🙂 .



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