‘O’ my God!

November 3, 2010

Last night started out as more of the same. Oldest daughter wouldn’t go to sleep. I had to wake up early so my wife took her and I went to bed. As I went to bed, Belle told me not to wear any pants and hopefully she could get my daughter down before too long. Awesome!

So, I went to bed naked and tried my best to stay awake. These early shifts have been kicking my ass and that wasn’t happening. The next thing I know, my wife is sliding into bed and has her hand around my cock. Where did she learn to do this? She has picked up skills that I hadn’t seen before. Maybe I was too busy cumming to notice. She rubbed me for a couple of minutes, then let go. She started to readjust and I thought she was rolling over to go to sleep until I felt her warm mouth take me in. Aside from about a 3 second tease (that drove me mad) about a week ago, I had not felt this sensation in a while. Wow! After a minute or so, she went back to her hand and I was edging. I was going to cum. In my delirium, I couldn’t think how to vocalize this. “Watch out!” was all I could come up with. I don’t think she heard me. I then warned her that I was going to cum. She stopped, pulled the blanket back up, and laid down beside me. I was still edging. I’ve felt nothing like it. We laid there talking for several minutes and my cock still felt like it could explode at any time with just a flick of her wrist. I asked her if she needed anything from me. She told me she wasn’t feeling up to it.

Guys in chastity are always talking about begging for an orgasm. I often wondered what sense that made. You know you aren’t going to cum. Not having an orgasm is the point of the game. Why would you want one that bad?

I begged. I needed to cum. This pressure needed released! Belle resisted.

“You don’t really want that.”
“Yes I do!”
“How bad do you want it?”

This went on for an eternity. My cock was still on fire.

For communications sake, I told her that if torturing me brings her any kind of pleasure at all, now is the time to take advantage of it. She told me to retrieve my pinwheel. Hell yes.

She started off slow. Lightly dragging the pinwheel down my chest, inside my thighs, and eventually up my dripping penis. By the end she was no longer being gentle. She dug the pinwheel into me, making me wince in pain and moan with pleasure all at once. She then proceeded to mark me with a sucker bite right under my left nipple. Again, the pain was excellent.

She informed me that this was the day she had picked prior to me commenting that I wanted to go longer. Son of a bitch! She then told me she had a dilema. She wanted to fuck me, but we both knew I was not going to last long enough for her to cum. That was not acceptable. She told me that I could fuck her if I promised that if she had not had an orgasm by the time I did, I would finish her off with my mouth. In my orgasmless state, this was the hottest thing ever. We kissed for a minute, and then apparently she had changed her mind(most likely knowing that my post orgasmic state would put me in a little less of a position to really focus on licking her cum filled pussy). She told me I could lick her. I asked if I could get a drink first because my mouth was dry as hell. When I came back, I asked her what we were doing. She spread her legs and guided my mouth down to its favorite place in the world.

“You have two minutes. If you can get me to the edge with your tongue in two minutes, you can cum inside me. If not, you aren’t going to cum.”

It took less than a minute.

“I’m yours.”

I don’t remember much about what happened next. It is all a blur. I will admit that I could not tell when she was cumming like I usually can. I did ask her later and she didn’t know how many times she came either. It was either two small orgasms and a big one or one long one and then a big one. Doesn’t really matter. I came when she told me she was going to cum. It took me about a minute. Fucking wow!

I stayed in her and continued to thrust as I knew she would cum again without much trouble. She did. I’m glad I kept at it because this was the big one!

Exhausted, we fell in a heap on the bed.

I am on chastity sabbatical for a couple of days. She did remind me that although I am taking a break, the rules about touching still apply. Being reminded that even when “unlocked” my cock is her property is hot as hell.


  1. And this post is hot as hell! Thanks for sharing…now I’m all worked up. 🙂


    • Really? To me it is a jumbled mess. I really had a difficult time remembering details due to the state I was in. I told Belle last night that I was going to let her field this one because I wanted to see things from her point of view. She wanted me to write it up because she likes the “style” I write about it in. ???

      Anyway we are compromising. I posted it, and kids willing, she will post it from her point of view later.

  2. Trust me, it’s hot and I can’t wait to read her side of the story later today!


  3. lol.. yes, I was just about to post “Dangit, why did I read that at work?!?” lol *pant* *pant*

    Very nice!

  4. Ok, I posted. Now don’t laugh at me you guys!

  5. What’s to laugh at? It’s very, very hot. You two are definitely setting the blogosphere on fire!

    Thanks for sharing…


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