The female perspective

November 3, 2010

Ok, at the special request of Jnuts and Dev, I am going to try this.  I will admit that I am one of those people who love to have sex, but can not to talk about it in detail.  I will however give it a try.

Last night once I finally got both girls and bottles washed I curled up in bed next to Jnuts.  He had done like I suggested and taken his pants off-something that he does not need much encouragement to do.  That man hates to wear pants!  I brushed against his leg accidentally, and he was halfway awake before I could begin to fondle his cock and balls.  I know he loves to be woken up with my hand massaging him, and there was a slight moan before his eyes opened.  After playing with him for a few minutes, I figured I would suck and lick my cock, as he was very wet and slippery.  I know how much he loves this, and due to time and situation issues it had not occurred in a awhile.  It is also a good indication for me to know how close he is getting to the edge, as I can feel him tense and harden more when he is in my mouth.  After another few minutes I feel that he is getting close, so I back off and go back to using my hands.

Then I hear “Watch Out”.  Huh? Did I hurt him somehow?  I have been doing this for years and it has never hurt before.  I am sure I gave him a strange look, then I hear “I am gonna cum if you don’t stop”.  Ok, that makes more sense.

After covering him up and laying down to go to sleep, I can tell that he is still riding high.  Now I don’t have to get up early since I am a SAHM with kids who like to sleep in, so if he is awake and not wanting to sleep then it doesn’t affect me much.  I casually run my fingers down his leg, and he moans loud enough for neighbors to hear.  Ok, he still wants to play. He tells me if I gain any pleasure from torturing him, tonight is the perfect night.  Now when I went to bed I wasn’t in the mood for anything other than paying my husband a little bit of attention because I felt like I had been neglecting him.  Now seeing this quivering mass of man laying in his own precum in my bed was starting to turn me on.  I had him grab his pinwheel, which he loves.  Little brushes of it were eliciting moans and causing his eyes to roll back in his head.  A quick, hard run across his chest caused him to gasp and he starts begging for an orgasm.  I mean begging.  I have know him 5 years, been married 3.5, and have never seen him beg for anything this bad.  This puts me in a bad spot.  I don’t want to give in to his begging, but I had also decided last week that I was going to let him cum tonight.

So what is a keyholder to do?

I added yet another little game to our night.   I told him that if he could get me to the edge of an orgasm in 2 minutes or less using only his tongue than he could fuck me and he could cum.  Now I did this for 2 reasons.  1) He and I both knew that he could not last long enough inside of me to make me cum, so I wanted to be part of the way there before he entered me.  There is nothing more that I love than cumming at the same time as my husband, with him inside of me.  2) I knew I was close already, and there was no way that he could not get me to the edge.  I needed to exert my power somehow though.   It took less than a minute.  OK, fuck me now!

He was on top of me before I could finish my sentence.  He knew he was going to cum, and I could tell by the look on his face that he was savoring every minute of it.  As I rode the edge of what I think was one very long, slow, and somewhat calm orgasm, I heard those words I love to hear…I am going to cum.  After what seemed like minutes but I am sure were just a few seconds I felt his body relax, yet he continued to slowly thrust into me.  See, the only way I can have multiple orgasms is after he has cum inside of me.  I think it is the warmth and the knowledge that my husbands cum is filling me that puts me over the edge again.  After an amazingly powerful orgasm, he lightly kissed me and we curled up for bed-all the while thanking MC for changing our lives!





  1. Two thumbs up!

    (I won’t mention what else is up at the moment!) ;-p

  2. Do you think you would have managed to say no if he had not got you to the edge on time?


  3. I hope so! That would have been devestating!

  4. I am pretty sure I would have said No. I am extremely spoiled in the getting an orgasm dept, even before MC.

  5. *like*

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