An unusual request

November 5, 2010

Jnuts is currently on reprieve from his “lock down”, and has been since Tuesday night.  The plan was that he was to have one more night to orgasm and and then tomorrow morning we are back to the honor system lock down until the device comes.  A quick rundown of the last few nights. 1) Tuesday night was intercourse with him cumming inside of me.  2) Wednesday night was a hand job laying in bed.  3) Thursday night was a combination blow job, hand job ending with him cumming on his stomach.  The plan for tonight was intercourse again, one of 2 positions-both of which he loves and gets more stimulation than I do from.  He was given the opportunity to pick.  Afterall, I don’t want to call ALL the shots 🙂   About an hour after discussing this, we were driving down the road and the conversation something close to this…

“Can I make a suggestion regarding sex and my lockups?”   -Jnuts

“Sure”  -Belle

“No more 4 days releases.  I am tired.”  -Jnuts

I will admit I laughed.  I told him that if he didn’t want to cum tonight, that was his choice.  I said that I wanted him to have a few days off to do what he pleased, because I still kinda feel bad about the whole limiting his orgasms thing.  I admitted that I was in a so-so mood, so it didn’t matter to me if we started his new lock up period a day earlier.  I am actually somewhat relieved.  4 days in a row is a lot for me too.   We agreed that his lock up started this morning, and will end at my discretion.  At this point I don’t know when it will be, but I know it won’t be before our jailbird arrives from MM.

Sorry guys, no sex post from us tonight.  However Thumper has a great one over at his blog, check it out on the right!


One comment

  1. Funny but when I got in to chastity I used to fantasise about this! A wife who was happy to lock me for longish periods and let me have lots of fun for periods out.

    Since I’ve been on a one orgasm a week diet for so long, I am so damn horny always that the idea of being locked for long periods scares me. I would miss touching myself even if it doesn’t lead to orgasm.

    And yet…. I still want to try it!

    Glad you guys are having fun, it’s great to read about.


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