Orgasm? No thanks, I’m good?!?!

November 6, 2010

Yes, I turned down an orgasm. I know, I know… “You idiot!!!”

There were actually several reasons for throwing myself under this bus. Lets take a look at them. In no particular order…

-My balls felt so drained! I’ve gotten used to and grown to like the feeling of being full. Getting to cum three nights in a row left me with a very empty and weak feeling down there. Was probably more psychological than anything.

– Too much focus on me. The first time I came was about both of us. The other two times was totally focused on me. It felt like a total role reversal from what we were doing and while it was ok at first, I felt a little greedy.

-I was starting to see that this was a bit much for Belle. She does have a lower sex drive afterall. Well I’m getting worn out so there is no way she can keep this pace. I didn’t want her doing things for the hell of it, that is what put us here in the first place.

-I had that “fell off the wagon” feeling. I desperately want to get back in the swing of things. I crave denial. I want to be good and horny when the jailbird arrives. Belle casually threw a 3 week timeframe out there. I doubt she has a date in mind yet but that is very exciting.

-I’m tired. This early shift is kicking my ass. I want to be able to just lay down, cuddle up with Belle, and go to sleep. Sorry, just want to take advantage of some of this new found closeness.

Will I regret this later? Probably. Will she be bringing it up occasionally to taunt me? I hope so. 😉

Oh Jailbird… where are you?


  1. I TOTALLY know how you feel. Two orgasms is enough to totally knock me out of my headspace and, frankly, I don’t like being there. It’s like some kind of reverse addition where you get hooked on the craving and not the drug itself.

    • That was a perfect description!

      • “Addiction”, not “addition”. Geeze.

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