Something to ponder

November 7, 2010

There is some discussion over on http://www.chastityforums.com about whether or not we could ever imagine having a discussion with a personal friend or family member about MC.  The general consensus is no.  My gut was Hell No!  There are days when I start thinking to much and I have trouble accepting it.  How could I expect someone else to understand it?  How could I tell someone what we do, then expect them to still look us in the face?  We are a nice midwest couple, and the jokes and looks I got when everyone found out that I was dating the school boy were bad enough.  If they knew I had his cock locked up in a metal device I think it would blow their minds.   But then again, 3 months ago I never imagined we would have purchased a device, joined forums, and began blogging about MC.  So I guess what I am saying  is the old adage “Never say never” is true.



  1. I’ve thought about this a lot. While I don’t think I’d ever volunteer the info out of the blue, there are certain friends I’d be willing to share with if some permutation of events made such an admission relevant. Personally, I abhor secrets.

    Belle, on the other hand (that’s *my* Belle I’m talking about, of course), isn’t quite so keen on the idea. It’d have to be an especially close friend for me to spill the beans without talking to her first…

  2. […] talk about chastity if the topic came up with a friend? The general consensus, as Belle noted in her blog is […]

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