Cuckolding = Voyeurism?

November 9, 2010

I was going to detail last night’s sexual escapades, but that can wait. Perhaps Belle will write about them later. Let me just say that it was awesome. I love being woke up for sex!

Anyway, I was thinking this morning, and that always leads to trouble. As Belle and I were making love last night, I started thnking about how awesome it would be to be able to see this from another perspective. To watch her being fucked and having an orgasm without feeling ready to explode myself. Now I have joked before about never participating in cuckolding unless someone figures out how to clone me and we can kill him afterwards. Not only do I have no desire to see my wife have sex with another man, it would psychologically destroy me and destroy our awesome relationship. Even if cuckolding were a desire I had, I would not allow us to cross that line, even in my horniest state. I did have a revelation last night however, and I think this might be some of the appeal. Now someone who participates in cuckolding, or even someone who is familiar with this fantasy can most certainly tell me I’m wrong, but does this desire come from wanting to see your woman get pleasured with little or no involement from yourself? Do you really want to see her get fucked by another man or do you just want to be able to watch from a different perspective, with your needs totally being ignored.

Now when I felt this desire last night, it was not in the form of cuckolding. I really was wishing we had a strap-on that I could use on her. This is rapidly becoming one of my top fantasies. I want to be locked in my cage while fucking Belle like an animal, getting no pleasure myself, and physically feeling nothing but frustration and a bulging cock wrapped in metal. I’m interested in knowing which would be more overpowering, the frustration of not feeling the pussy that is getting fucked, or the joy of being able to concentrate totally on my wife.

Perhaps it is just more connected to voyeurism than I thought. I do get some of this pleasure by eating Belle out and a little more by fingering her. We don’t own any dildos and she doesn’t like vibrators. I also think that this urge would be satisfied by watching her masturbate. This is something she doesn’t like to do around me and admits that she really doesn’t like to do at all. I guess you will have that when your husband is a sexual fiend.

I’m not really sure what all of this means. I want to watch my wife being pleasured while being denied it myself. Oh well, whatever it means, I guess I’m in the right hobby.

Edit: I went back and read this post after I published it and I realise what a mess it is. Sorry about that. The iPhone is partially to blame, my scatter brain is probably more responsible. To kind of sum things up, Cuckoldry(I think that is the proper term) is not my kink. I see nothing wrong with it however, and if that is your thing, more power to you. My night was full of thoughts of strap-on sex and this morning I started realizing that is essentially fucking a woman with a cock that isn’t your own. That is how I started to correlate the two. Perhaps I am wrong and the motivation for cuckoldry is different. That is basically what I was curious about.


  1. I have been cucked — deliciously — in a previous relationship. I was awesome. For me, it had nothing or let’s say, very little, to do with humiliation. My then-wife told me one day (I was returning from a one-month absence) that she had had sex with another man. I began shaking with eroticism. She and I ended up fucking in the kitchen and both had the most intense orgasm we had ever had.

    Now, I would love to be cucked by my present wife, and be left in denial. Or at least allowed to penetrate my cucking wife, but not allowed to ejaculate. The idea being that I be allowed to taste what it is like to fuck my wife (by penetrating her), but not allowed to, as it were, to all the way. Two minutes inside her would be all that I would be allowed.

    IU would like some — I say “some” — humiliation. Maybe having to do with his bigger cock, etc. But for the time being, this is only fantasy for me, as my present wife is alas not into cuckolding.

    • Ok, so you weren’t present. I guess that blows my theory since that would take the voyeurism desire out of the equation.

      I must say that had I been in your situation, I would have taken things much differently. Rage, jealously, desire to kill, etc… From the way you describe it, it wasn’t even planned? Had you expressed a desire to be cucked prior to her telling you or was she just “winging it”?

      • It was not planned. I had to be away for a month and when I returned, my then-wife said: “In order to be transparent, I want to tell you that I slept with another man while you were away”. She then went on to describe the event (which was a single event, that is, she did not sleep with him more than once during that month).

        Although that particular cucking incident had not been planned, it was something that was in the air. My then-wife and I had previously talked about our having a MMF 3-some or her sleeping with another woman (she was bi).

        So when she told me about having slept with this man — whose name was Bernard — it was not a total surprise. I was not there of course when she fucked him (since I was somewhere else on the planet for that month).

        Would I have enjoyed seeing her being fucked by that man? The answer to that question is yes. But it was not and still is not a necessary part of the equation for.

        I don’t want to sleep with other women. I just want my wife to sleep with other men. Not with just anyone though, but with someone for whom she has at least some feelings.

        The thrill that I would get from being cucked has to do with her being satisfied sexually thanks to another man, her telling me about it, her telling me that his cock was thicker and more enjoyable, etc. And of course that she would allow me to penetrate her just to tease me, while telling me (after a minute or two or three) to pull out WITHOUT ejaculation: “There”, she would say with a nice smile, “That’s just to remind you how good it is to be in my cunt.”

  2. I think you have a whole lot of different things going on in this post (and your mind). I see this as not an unusual outcome of chastity newbie-ism. My suggestion might be to start simply and get yourself a dildo and a harness of some sort. This guy has a nice picture of wearing his with his cage on beneath:


    Ab has a pair of shorts made of stretchy material. It covers up everything and all I see is the purple dildo (which feels real good when he uses it on me). Sometimes I make him wear them while we are eating dinner…hot! He likes them because all that compressing and binding just enhances/reinforces the compressing/binding feeling of his cock cage.

    Now you are giving me ideas for this evening…LOL. Perhaps a stop at Ambiance is in order for you?


    • There is always a lot of different things going on in my head so why not post them for the world to see? šŸ™‚

      Budgets are tight with Christmas and having just bought a Jailbird. I’m in no hurry. It is probably better as a fantasy anyway so stewing on it a while is probably a good thing. If we want this to be long term (and we do), I think it is important to go slow.

  3. I have fantasized about my wife-mistress cuckolding me. Although she indulges my fantasy by telling me stories (and I am greatful that she does so),I know that neither of us is willing to take it beyond that at the risk of jeopardizing our wonderful female-led marriage.

    Getting to your original question, I find having my needs totaly ignored really blows my mind especially when I have been in chastity for over a week.

    My wife-mistress will unlock me and lead me to bed. I will be hoping to be allowed to pleasure her orally but instead she has me lay still without touching her or myself and watch as she gets herself off under the covers. I literally tremble with desire, holding back the urge to beg her to please let me help. I think she also gets off on the sexual tension I am experiencing. After that she locks me back up again.

    By the way, my wife-mistress has me locked in a jail bird from Maturemetal and I am so pleased with it in every way. It is so sexy and I love being caged in metal. I sympathize with those of you out there still waiting for yours to arrive. The anticipation was killing me but it is worth the wait.



    • Ok, that is hot. Perhaps my keyholder will take note. šŸ™‚

  4. I wonder whether a movie of you and your wife would give you the same voyeuristic feeling. That would solve the problem of having to watch another guy with her.

    • I had thought of this as well. We actually do have a movie of ourselves. Our wedding night no less. I have definitely “used” it over the years. It does give me the voyeuristic feeling. Maybe we just need to dabble in this again in the future.

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