The first 24 hours.

November 14, 2010

So far, so good! Aside from the previously mentioned problem with the ring size, everything else has been good.

I took a shower in it this morning and cleaning was very easy. I’m getting the hang of peeing with it on, both standing and sitting. Thus far sitting is easier and I prefer it.

Dev is sending me an extra ring she got from Atone. It is 1 5/8″ so essentially 2 sizes smaller than the one I am wearing. The gap is supposed to be 1/4″ and mine is a 3/8″, but the gap isn’t very accurate between devices so we will give it a shot. Thanks guys!

I heard back from Bill at Mature Metal. If this ring doesn’t work, getting this one adjusted will be a $10 fix. What a relief.

I love wearing this thing. I have no desire to take it off. I’m sure that will change when Belle gets ahold of me. šŸ˜‰

I will be getting out of it tonight for a while while she shaves me. I can’t wait. šŸ™‚

I think it has been 10 days. My record thus far is 13. I’m fairly certain I’ll be surpassing that. I really have no idea though.

We have decided how we will be handling the emergency key situation. I will have a key on my keyring. It will be taped up with Belle’s name on it to prevent tampering.

It sucks not having my laptop. Many of these blogs have been written on my phone but I like having the option.

The kids are acting up so I must get them to bed if I want shaved.




  1. Congrats! I envy you right now. I’ve ordered the sizing rings and am waiting. So, the actual ring fits different than the sizing ring? I admit, that makes me worried that what I end up ordering won’t be what I need. Any idea why they fit differently?


    • I think it was because I could get hard in the sizing ring and thus had less room to move around in it. Also the cage pulls the ring down a bit.

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