December 4, 2010

November 16, 2010

That is the next time that Jnuts will cum again.

I can say that with confidence due to the fact that we will be alone, without kids, for the first time in 17 months that night.  We are going to a party with friends at a hotel about an hour from home.  My MIL has agreed to stay at our house with the girls overnight, the first time we will have been away from them.

Currently both girls are in our room at home, due to the fact that I had severe fertility issues and we bought a house not expecting to have children.  We both fell in love with this charming farmhouse with a loft and only one real bedroom.  No problem, we only needed 1 bedroom.  Less than 2 months after signing the papers, I was pregnant.  Then after she was born, I was pregnant again 4 months later.  Life has a way to sticking it to you.  We have decided how we are going to remodel the upstairs to give them a room a playroom, now it is just a matter of finances.  It will be done by Spring hopefully.

Anyways, back to Dec. 4th.

Here is the plan.  We have a charity event during the day, and will be checking into the hotel sometime in the late afternoon.  The party is in the banquet room around 6 I believe, which should leave time for some playtime before hand.  The party is a pajama/slumber party theme, so we have to find something appropriate for Jnuts to wear, as he will still be caged at this time.  I already have ordered a Little Miss Keyholder shirt to wear, I doubt any of them will understand.  If they do they won’t know whether or not to take us seriously.   Once we are done socializing (and are most likely pretty drunk), it will be back to the room to uncage and have some more fun, and an orgasm for Jnuts.  Now I am thinking about getting a few new toys as an early Christmas present for him.  Hotel sex is always so much more fun, might as well really take it up a notch!  Preferably ones for teasing while he is caged.  Any suggestions?



  1. My suggestion would be to make this a ‘Of course, this is a key holder’s prerogative to change her mind’ weekend. LOL… with lots of teasing along the way. Hope this is a great time!

  2. Oh, hotel sex! One of my favorite things!

    If your budget can afford it, everyone should own an njoy pure wand. The sex toy armamentarium is not complete without one :-).

    Sounds like a fun night. Don’t drink *too* much. It can have a deleterious effect on erectile function. 😦


  3. Oops, I forgot the link:



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