Razor burn, ruined orgasms, and shot glasses make for an interesting night.

November 17, 2010

When I got home last night around 7:30 pm, I asked Belle to take the device off of me.  I had been dealing with horrible razor burn for 2 days and I’m sure I could have handled the discomfort if I had to, what was the point?  She took off the device and that provided some relief.

After doing some cleaning, I decided to take advantage of the device being off and take a shower so I could properly clean things up and apply some lotion to hopefully help with the itching and burning.

After the kids settled and we put them to bed, I was fully expecting to be locked back up.  Belle was in the bathroom getting ready for bed and I put the base ring in place so I would be ready for her to lock me up.  We went to bed and her hand went for my cock.  She told me she was going to extend my relief overnight.  The device has not bothered me while sleeping at all but the ring rubbing on the razor burn sucks so bad.  Needless to say, I was happy to not have to wear it.

With my cock naked for the first time in 3 nights, Belle decided to play a bit.  As she played, we discussed how things had toned down.  We have decided to attribute most of it to her new BC pill and her period that has lasted for the past week and a half.  That does explain a lot.  She said that she has absolutely no sexual desire right now.  I’m really glad this a hormonal thing and wasn’t something I did.  I should have known better.  I guess I have some hormonal issues currently too however so  I’ll use that as an excuse.

Belle asked me if I wanted to edge myself.  Of course I did!

It took virtually no time at all.  While I was stroking, I asked Belle if I was going to have a ruined orgasm between now and the 4th.  She told me maybe.  I asked her if she would make me swallow my cum from that ruined orgasm.  She said yes.  New fixation.  I may have applied some pressure at this point in the form of, “Are you sure you don’t want to do it now?”  Instead of just caving, Belle made this interesting.  She gave me a choice.  I could either do it in a couple of days which would ensure me being released from the Jailbird again, or I could do it tonight.  If I did it tonight, she did not know when I would be released from the device again and it may be a while.

Normally this would have been a tough decision.  I was really pumped for the ruined orgasm, actually the aftermath, to fully think it through so that is what I chose.

I went and got a shot glass from the cupboard.  I then took a minute to stroke myself to the edge.  When I though I was over the edge, she placed the shot glass at the head of my cock and I let go.  One spurt of what looked to be precum dripped out.  That wasn’t it.

I tried a couple more times.  Ruined orgasms are so tricky when you are being denied.  You become very scared that things will go to far.  This time, I wasn’t sure whether or not I had.  After several failed attempts, I decided to go farther.  As I did the last time, I got my half second of an orgasm and then let go.  Unlike last time, I did feel something.  It was very strange.  I could feel the orgasm but it was almost like it was somewhere far off in the distance.  I had an almost uncontrollable urge to keep stroking which I didn’t.  I was bucking my hips a bit and fucking air.  It was almost like I was being robbed of that feeling that I knew was happening somewhere….somewhere that wasn’t in my cock.  Damnit!

At the time, I was afraid that I had had an orgasm.  Belle was too.  She was now lying there with a shot glass a third of the way full of my cum and didn’t seem to know what to do with it.

“You still want this?”

For a second I didn’t know.  Then I realized, if I didn’t  know, that means I wasn’t repulsed.  If I wasn’t repulsed, that means I didn’t have an orgasm.  If I didn’t have an orgasm then hell yes I want it.

She poured the contents of the glass in my mouth.  For a second, I got that wtf feeling.  Then my thoughts switched to all the times Belle had swallowed for me.  I swallowed.  It was a lot thicker this time than when I had done it the other time.  It didn’t go down easy.

I got up and cleaned up.

When I got back in bed I was still a little concerned that things had gone too far.  I asked Belle to try to get me hard again.  I was hard within a minute.  Ok, we were good.




  1. So are you locked up now?


    • Yup. Ridiculously hectic morning. Just got locked up for work.

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