Quick update.

November 18, 2010

The jailbird has been mailed out. Bill said 2 weeks is no problem. Why is this depressing? The odd thing is, at times it still feels like it is on.

Oh well, when it comes back, it should be a lot more comfortable.

The razor burn is a lot more bearable this way too. It is almost gone.

In a way it feels more like I’m being restricted by Belle again…instead of a piece of metal. I like that.


  1. Well, you know the obvious long term solution….. buy more devices! ;-p


    • Right. Since the average that people own is four! LOL.


  2. Maybe this would be a good time to get that piercing. It would give you a couple of weeks before you got to go back in your refitted jailbird.

    • Negative sir. 😉

      • It’s not me you need to respond to 🙂

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