X rated Christmas list?

November 21, 2010

Last night, in an attempt to show Jnuts that I was still wanting to continue on our chastity journey,  I told him to use one of the promo codes he had online to buy himself a new toy for me to use on him.   After looking at a few sites he decided that he wasn’t comfortable buying it himself but would rather make a “wish list” and I could pick something from there at my discretion.   We were both in the same room as he was making his list, he was sitting on the couch with his laptop, and I was rocking one of the girls to sleep.  I kept hearing “You are going to think I am so weird” and “I am not sure I should send this”.  Of course I could hardly wait to see this list.

About 45 minutes later he emails it to me, who knew the Stockroom had a wish list!  I was not surprised by most of it.  There were however one or two items that made me look up.  (He of course was standing there staring at me, watching my response.)    Anal play was something that I introduced to Jnuts not to long into our relationship, and I frequently have to remind him of this.  Particularly when he thinks that it is getting to “weird” for me.  Not much in the way of toys makes me uncomfortable, other than hoods and the body bag things.  Toys are ok, but have not been a staple of our sex life.  I see that changing more that we are not focused on his orgasm, and playing with him is more of game.  I will use toys on him much more than I will want him to use them on me, at least at this point.  That is pretty much how it has always been.  I enjoy playing more than being played with.

So now the question is what will fit better in his stocking, a humbler or anal hooks?




  1. The humbler is much higher on the list. The hook just looks cool. 😉

  2. You have to hang the stocking from something right?

    I would love to get a humbler in my stocking. Some gifts just say true love.


  3. I would vote for the anal hook.. more versatile.. and you don’t have to remove the jailbird to use it.. so both ends can attended to at the same time.. 🙂


  4. Well, my wife and I like small stocking stuffers. I’ve taken to giving her Gift Cards. She loves that.

    Perhaps you give give him a gift card for that full-body waxing he’s always wanted over the Holidays? ;-p

  5. I like the idea of the anal hook attached to…a collar maybe?

    And the humbler would make pegging so much easier, don’t you think?


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