Jailbird flying home.

November 24, 2010

Jailbird is shipping back today!

I opted for an in between size. My new ring should be between 1 3/4″ and 1 5/8″. Should fit quite well. Very much looking forward to a solid week of lock up before my release on Dec 4th. Things have been going much better. Belle is still on her BC induced period but she is going to be switching pills. We have also had some play time several nights. No sex, but a little stroking from her and also permission to edge myself the one night.

My temperment has been fairly even. I did have a small unrelated outburst last night but other than that, I have been keeping myself busy with other things so I don’t obsess about not cumming. Belle has done a great job of giving me a bit of a jolt now and then.


One comment

  1. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.. err, I mean, return! ;-p

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