November 27, 2010

Here I sit. In the car with two sleeping kids…in the parking lot of Ambiance. My keyholder is inside buying something for me. She parked to the side so I can’t see in the store. This is crazy.

Will it be something for my release this weekend? Something to torment me leading up to my release? Is she going to get me something that she will keep secret until Saturday? Is she buying me a fleshlight that she will give me today…right after she locks me in the CB that is most likely sitting in our mailbox right now? Is she getting a new and better strap-on so she can pound the ass of the slave I want to be?

I don’t know. What I do know is that I better not get used to the erection in my pants right now. I’ll be locked up soon.

It snowed today. That jailbird is going to be awful cold.

One comment

  1. There is a certain sweet cruelty to getting you a fleshlight that you won’t be able to use. My wife purchased a similar gift for me prior to our introduction to long term denial. It was as a gift to be given for our anniversary which was a few weeks after we started with chastity. So I got this great gift that I wasn’t allowed to use. A few weeks later she did use it for a little T&D. That session didn’t last long though because it brought me real close to coming real fast. While cleaning it up I discovered that it had started to tear at the opening. My wife bought it at a ‘toy’ party so she called the rep and had it replaced (apparently a common failure). The replacement hadn’t arrived prior to my release time and I haven’t been released since then either. It is one of the best gifts that I haven’t been allowed to use. Just thinking about it makes me horny to use it. I have already been told that my next release is just going to be for one orgasm and then locked right back up probably for several more months so I am hoping for real intercourse rather than using a masturbation sleeve. It creates a really amazing conflict in my head of what I want when I am released. Of course that doesn’t really matter anyway as she will decide what I am allowed. I am in a really great place right now 🙂 sounds like you are too.


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