I need Belle.

November 28, 2010

The jailbird didn’t come yesterday. I almost did. The item in question was indeed a Fleshlight. The Stamina Training model no less. Damn!

The kids were not cooperative last night. We did try it out for a minute however. It felt good. We will need to experiment with it some more. It is not anywhere near as tight as my keyholder, but it does provide for some interesting scenarios. A threesome in a tube if you will.

After a couple of minutes, one of the girls woke up and I was told to go clean my toy and put it away. The temptation was too great. I had to feel it again. Two quick thrusts in the bathroom. I confessed this to Belle later as the guilt is something I can’t handle. She was not angry since I did confess.

One thing it did accomplish was getting me nice and horny. I want the real thing and I want it now! I wanted to eat Belle out last night but she was exhausted. Maybe tonight.

I get to cum this weekend. I feel like I’m going to explode. I need an orgasm. Belle has promised to drag it out. We don’t want to waste a hotel room. šŸ™‚ If we just got right to it, I would not last long. I hope she is feeling especially frisky that night. I want used. I want abused. I want to cum like a freight train. More than once?

This session has been different. Knowing when I will cum. I think I like not knowing better.



  1. all those Christmas cards clogging up the mail system keeping the important stuff from getting through on time šŸ™‚


  2. “…but she was exhausted.” – Maybe offer to give her a massage (foot, back, full) instead, that would help both of you.

    “I think I like not knowing better.” – At least now you know, if you hadn’t tried you wouldn’t. Plus variety helps… even if it only makes you more eager to go back to what you know. šŸ™‚

    Congrats on your loving relationship!!

    • I have learned much since then!

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