December 6, 2010

December 4th arrived right on schedule….the question is did Jnuts get to cum?

As the previous posts have indicated, it has been a very crazy chastity cycle for us.  The last week was especially bad.  Our 17 month old had a stomach flu which had gone through our extended family, so I knew that she was not going to be the only one in the house to come down with it.  The question was when.  Thursday morning I woke up, sicker than I can ever remember  being in my life.  Jnuts had to train new hires that day, and the other supervisor was already scheduled off so he had to go in.  I did what any other self respecting adult does.  I called my Mom.  She took most of the day off and picked up the girls.  I remember telling Jnuts that I hoped he did not get this flu, that I thought it felt worse than 22 hours of labor with no pain meds.  Luckily it only lasted about 8 hours and I was pretty much fine by evening.

Friday Jnuts said he felt fine all day.  No problems, and I began to pack and get the girls ready for me leaving them for the first time ever.  About 10:00 that night he says “I don’t feel good, I am going to bed”.  I stop packing and cooking the food for the party that we were going to the hotel for, make some arrangements for others going to cover what we were responsible for bringing.  Throughout the night he gets up several times, but is not sick.

10:30 Sat morning he decides we are going to go anyways, he appears to be at the back end of the flu without having to suffer through all the nasty stuff.  I run around, scrambling to get myself ready, the food and gifts ready, and the house ready for my MIL to come spend the night.  We were supposed to leave at noon, it was about 1 before we were on the road.  As I dropped the girls off at my Mom’s for a few hours (until MIL could get there) the anxiety of leaving my babies hit me.  I have a little bit of an attachment disorder (ok, more than a little bit) and I cried at the thought of leaving my babies overnight.  I was still so looking forward to it, but still had a little issue.

Jnuts, although he wants to go, is still not feeling well.  He slept a large portion of the way there, and we did discuss whether or not it should the night for his orgasm.  I felt bad that he wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to “waste it”, and he didn’t want to “top from the bottom”.  Finally we decided to leave it as “what ever happens, happens”.  This is one of the reasons that I do not like to have a set date.  Anything can happen, and my guilt makes postponing it difficult.  As it was Jnuts was out of his device, he had asked to take it off because he felt so sick and the body aches were overwhelming.  We continue to have some minor chafing issues around his balls as well, which thanks to Atone we have realized is an issue with the gap now that the ring is smaller.  Part of the whole day was the fact that we were going to be at a party with a large number of our friends that we only see a few times a year, and none of them know about our chaste life.   We had bought me a Little Miss Keyholder shirt to wear, and he was looking forward to people asking about it in that sick, twisted way.  With him not in his device that was kinda lost.  About 10 minutes before we went down to the party, he decided he felt well enough to wear the device, so that was a big bonus!

By about 11, he was falling asleep at the party, so we headed back to our room.  We excused our selves from the party, and curled up in bed.  At this point he was still locked, and was exhausted.  It was wonderful to be in a room without the girls, but we were both almost asleep.

I began to stroke him a little, playing with the small parts of exposed skin between the bars of the jailbird.  I expected it to relax him a little more and put him to sleep.  I did not bring any of the toys in from the car, and he was still locked.  This is not at all how this big night was supposed to end.  He asked to be unlocked, so that I could play a little more.  As soon as the cage was off, his cock sprung to life.  I knew that he was feeling better, since earlier in the day we did try a little play and there was no reaction at all.  At this very moment I did not want to be a keyholder.  I did not want to control his orgasm.  I wanted my husband to do what he wanted, what he felt up to.  All it took was me telling him it was now on his terms.  He was up and between my legs before I could have changed my mind if I wanted to.  The sex was slow and hard, he knows what it takes to make me cum.  He appeared to edge himself several times this way, having to stop for a second several times to regain his composure.  He then asked me to get on top of him for a few minutes, which I did.  I prefer missionary position, but I can cum easily on top of him, which I did.  I then told him it was his turn, and he took control, hard and fast.  As I whispered in his ear that there was no one in the room and he did not have to be quiet, he came.  The orgasm appeared to be long, but he did not make a sound.   After wards he did say that it wasn’t painful like past ones after being denied.

As we laid there after wards, we both commented that we were glad this cycle was over, and while it didn’t end the way either one of us had envisioned it, it ended in a way that was truly us.




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