December 12, 2010

These erections need to stop! I was up 4 times last night because my dick was was trying to push through the end of my cage and take my balls with it. Belle did remove it today after 4 days of wearing it to let me stretch a bit, check for battle scars, and clean me good. That was the first stimulation of the underside of my penis in 4 days and damn it was good! I wasn’t allowed to touch.

I really can’t wait for a smaller cage. I’m debating right now whether I want something like the Watchful Mistress or something more tube like. The head of my cock tries to force itself out of the end of the Jailbird and the criss cross bar design at the end really makes that hurt. I don’t know if a solid tube like the steelheart would help or not.

I’m also kicking around the PA piercing again(not literally kicking it). I think I will be getting one. It doesn’t sound like it hurts that much and everyone who has one seems to love it and wish they got one sooner. Belle doesn’t have a strong opinion either way.



  1. Jnuts,

    for alternatives have a look here:
    Especially the The Looker 01 & 2 got very good grades in German forums, although its design looks a bit weird at a very first glance.

    If you really opt for a PA, then IMO there is nothing better than a Lori – unless you go for a hip belt of course – which is independent from the PA then again.

    Anyway, I’m not too convinced of all the MM devices. See Tom’s review.

    Take the step and go for something proper – it’s worth it.

    PA itself is quite painless. EMLA creme 1 hour prior to the action, icing spray right before and you even do not feel the pinch of the needle. Get yourself initially a larger one – less hassle with dilating later on. Hygiene is key: no regular bathing/showering (or at least with plastic coating – condoms are bad as they are coated with stuff also inside), bath in chamomile tea twice a day (15 minutes) for the first one or two weeks.
    And from my experience, don’t keep foreskin rolled back. This got me with liquid getting stuck in the foreskin. Didn’t hurt but got me scared. Once the foreskin was back, everything went OK again.

    Enjoy 🙂

    • Thanks for the info! You have a link to Tom’s review?

  2. Ups, sorry, that was Thumper I meant :-/

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