Chastity Bliss?

December 13, 2010

At this very moment, this is the best chastity I have experienced. I’m sure the constant device usage is a big factor. The near sensory deprivation of not being able to touch my cock is hot.

Right now I’m right in the middle of wanting to cum this instant and never again. My wiring is all criss-crossed and my brain doesn’t know how to handle it. Mind fuck? You betcha.

Setting aside the fact that I’m mentally right where I want to be, things have been hectic in our household. Belle is home 24/7 with screaming children and I feel so bad for her. She is physically and mentally beaten down and that makes it impossible for her to enjoy this the way she should. I try to help but I have to work. Sucks.

Anyway, enough of that. Who wants to hear about Belle’s dildo?

Well we got home from Christmas shopping and Belle was very stressed. I gave her a hug and told her to come sit with me. We had a rare moment or two where the girls were both asleep and I wanted to cuddle with her.

We were sitting on the bed and she got a call. While she was talking to her sister, I started rubbing her back. She had some sore muscles from carrying our daughter through the mall the evening before.

As my hands wandered, I ended up massaging her ass a bit and running my hands around her waist. That will get me going every time. Damn cage.

When she ended her call I told her my desire to lick her. I quickly added that she didn’t have to worry about cumming and that I wanted her to relax. Sometimes she gets too focused on having an orgasm and starts stressing if it doesn’t come. I don’t need my ego stroked, I just wanted her to feel good.

She obliged. God I missed her pussy. This was the first I had any contact with it since Saturday when I got to cum. She was very sensitive and for some reason my tongue was a bit too much for her. My lips seemed to do the job however.

After several minutes she told me I could use “the other thing” if I wanted. I quickly retrieved it from under the bed and worked my way back under the covers. I spit on it and lubed it up a little with my hand. I then rubbed the head over her lips and brushed it back and forth over her clit… The way she likes it with my cock. I then slowly entered her. Just a couple inches at first. Within two thrusts I started to hear some faint moaning.

This dildo has a bit of a curve that I’m sure makes contact with her g-spot inevitable. At this point I had an irresistable urge to fill her with this fake cock in a way that I am unable. I buried the entire length of the shaft inside her several times, the balls slapping against her ass. I could tell she was liking every bit of it.

I then took the opportunity to give her something else that was impossible before. I went back to work on her clit with my mouth while I fucked her with her toy cock. This seemed to work quite well. Within a minute she was cumming.

After it was over, she followed through with something I had asked for while I had been fucking her. She made me clean her cum from the dildo. It felt a little weird licking a rubber cock but damn I was horny and I wanted the cream she left behind. I never really noticed how much there actually was.

I knew I had screwed myself out of any chance of play that night but it was well worth it. I did ask when we went to bed if she was going to fondle me through my cage at all and she said I had had enough excitement that day. She is perfect.

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