A Brief Taste of Freedom

December 16, 2010

Belle’s wedding band and engagement ring haven’t fit for 2 years.  We had 2 children back to back, and her knuckles expanded to the point where she couldn’t get them on.  This has really bugged her.  I really didn’t comprehend how much exactly.

As an early Christmas present, I took them and got them resized for her.  I picked them up yesterday and gave them to her when I got home from work.

Belle had to get up fairly early this morning to watch her Grandmother.  The kids were not wanting to go to sleep so I was fairly certain there would be, at most minimal, but most likely no play last night.  So when Belle complained that she was getting a lot of dry skin, I jumped at the chance to rub some lotion on her.  I asked her where, and she told me her whole body.  This excited the hell out of me and I was already filling my cage.  I knew this was going to be a painful and torturous event, but it was worth it.  I had her take off her shirt and I rubbed her down.  I’m not sure what was the most difficult, her breasts or her thighs.  At one point, I couldn’t contain myself anymore and I kissed her passionately for a moment.  I then apologized and went back to work.  She could tell I was beside myself.  She asked me what category this would fall into…referring to Dev’s forum post here.

I thought for a moment and told her that depends. Was she going to cum?

“I don’t think so.”

You don’t think so? I saw my opening.

“No I’m not.”

“Are you going to let me lick you some anyway? Please?”

“Ok, but only for a minute.”

I took of her panties and assumed one of my favorite, if not my favorite positions. I started by gently kissing her labia like I always do. Belle likes me to eat her a certain way. Not so much tongue, especially at first, and very little contact with her clit. She likes me to kiss her pussy. I do it slow and sensual, just as if I were kissing her other lips. One kiss was all it took.

“Maybe I will be cumming tonight.”

I continued what I was doing. Going very slow. We talked to each other a bit during this time. About chastity, and such. I wanted to drag this out as much as possible because as I told her, I was in heaven. I wanted her to see how good this can be and that I don’t need anything for myself. It is all about her. I told her to relax and enjoy it for as long as she wanted. She told me she would.

She then told me she wanted me to rub my cage against her. We had not done this previously and she wanted to see how it felt. I got up on my knees like I was about to enter her, but being locked as I was, all I could do was gently rub my cage against her pussy. Slowly stroking up and down over then length of her lips and against her clit. She really seemed to enjoy this and after a minute or so, she grabbed my cage and took over.

We didn’t have to worry about lube, I was providing plenty by that point. I told her how perfect she was and how I couldn’t wait to fuck her. She told me it would be soon.

Out of nowhere she told me to go get the key. I bolted out of bed to retrieve it. No outside stimulation for 10 days, fuck yes I was ready! Of course, after I was unlocked I couldn’t get the ring off. I was way to hard. I gave it a minute and through sheer willpower, I deflated enough to painfully push myself through.

I got back into bed.

“I don’t need to tell you what to do.”

She grabbed my cock and guided me inside of her. OH MY GOD! This was the tightest, most delicious experience I had ever had. Every nerve ending on my cock was in high gear. I fucked her slowly and held her close. I told Belle how wonderful she was and that she had become an awesome keyholder. I told her to guide me, to which she replied:

“You are going to cum tonight.”

Fuck! You don’t have to tell me twice. We continued to fuck slowly, kissing, and talking about what was happening. The next thing I knew, her orgasm was upon us. At that point, I could see the sexual tension drain from her. I stayed inside her, but offered her the following.

“It isn’t too late to change your mind.”

“That would be so cruel, I couldn’t do that.”

“Is it cruel to give me what I want?”

“Is that truly what you want?”

I buried my head in her chest searching for an answer.

“Right now? No.”

“Good, because I want you to cum tonight. You will be locked back up tomorrow. You will have one orgasm tonight and another in the morning.”

That settled it. I came like I have never cum before. It felt like there was so much of it and Belle later confirmed this.

As we lie in bed after, we discussed chastity and how it was going so far. We both agreed that this cycle was amazing. She said that it was going to last longer, but she wanted to make me cum tonight so she did. She did tell me not to expect that every time I was let out, which I don’t. The rings put her over the top. This led to a discussion about punishment and reward. She had been adamant that we would not be going in that direction but it appears inevitable. Not necessarily in the way that most people seem to play with it. I don’t want to do things in order to get sex. I want to do things to please my wife. She also doesn’t want to get mad at me for something and systematically add days to my chastity. However, it is almost impossible for her to not reward me for making her happy and punish me if I piss her off. That kind of action I’m sure is in any relationship and was in ours well before chastity.

We also determined that chastity is becoming a bit of a slippery slope(to borrow a term) for us. As long as we aren’t doing anything that makes either of us uncomfortable, we are fine with that.

Finally, she did tell me that she definitely sees the double edged sword of chastity. She really wanted me to cum but did not want my attitude of the past 10 days to end. I assured her that I would try my best to stay the way I was. I told her locking me back up so soon should help.


So here I am. Typing a blog. With another motive. I’m also charging my dead laptop battery and when I’m done I’m going to go edge myself until I die. With permission of course. Belle forgot she had to leave early this morning. So my second orgasm did not happen. As a compromise, I am permitted to stay out of my cage until after my shower. I’m also permitted to masturbate as long as I don’t cum. And masturbate I shall. I’ll most likely be reading stories of denial and imagining Belle and I as the characters. I’ll also be thinking of my latest fantasy that Belle apparently didn’t realize was a fantasy for me…golden showers.

Wish me luck.


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