January 12, 2011

Locked back up. I was told via text message yesterday that I would be locked back up today but would have some playtime first. Have an awesome session last night. Belle stroked me for a long time and then told me to go to sleep. So naive. I had assumed I would get to cum. She pointed out that this was never stated. She was right. I did ask if I could take care of her and after some hesitation, I was told I could try.

Her period is coming soon so it was not easy but in the end my tongue got its job done. I can’t believe she didn’t let me have one last orgasm. Kudos to her. I just came a few days ago, but I’m already pretty horny again. No idea when release will be.

It has been difficult maintaining focus and motivation for MC since I have started a new hobby. Will give it a shot though.



  1. Have fun being locked up. What is your new hobby? I hope it isn’t lock picking.


  2. Hahaha, lock picking. Good joke, Atone. I am also curious about the new hobby. C’mon, jnuts, what is it?


  3. I’m guessing the new hobby was masturbation! lol

  4. He got a guitar for Christmas, he always wanted to learn to play. It has become his new obsession. Trying to keep him interested in MC though, and he has expressed a strong desire for pain play this cycle. Looks like it may be an interesting weekend šŸ™‚

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