Hard time

January 19, 2011

Almost 11 days since orgasm. 6 days since I have been unlocked( had a doctors appointment). The longest I’ve been locked is 7 days without removal. This was due to some rubbing issues. Now that those are worked out, I have told Belle that I feel I need to do some hard time. She agreed. I’m assuming her period has started. She hasn’t told me and I have not been permitted any contact with her pussy so I can’t be certain. I definitely know I won’t be unlocked until her period is over.

I have been getting some almost nightly rubbing and I am very thankful for that. It seems that starting this cycle several days prior to knowing I was starting the cycle certainly jumpstarted my horniness! I have been going nuts my entire lockup. Not being allowed to ask for any contact with her pussy has been torture as well.

When I told Belle my desire to be locked up for a while, she told me that she is glad I told her, now she won’t feel bad. I really hope this is something she can overcome because if she is constantly feeling bad for locking me up, this can’t be fun for her at all. Every time I get a pinch or have to readjust, she immediately asks if I need to take it off. While her concern for my wellbeing is much appreciated, if it were bad enough to where I needed to remove it, I would tell her. I can deal with a little discomfort. It serves as a reminder.

I have been reading quite a bit of literotica lately(partially to torture myself I guess) and in one story the guy in chastity hit the nail on the head. He said that he needed to respect his wife as a keyholder in order for this to work. This is why the firmness is required. If I know that anytime I start to feel a pinch, I can take it off, there is almost no point wearing it. I want to wear it because she wants me in it. Not for the hell of it. Belle does appear to be getting a little more comfortable in it and I know this is not the time of month to be jumping to any conclusions. Hoping maybe this post will be able to articulate what I have not been able to verbally.

So all in all, this cycle is a success so far. No idea how long until I cum again and I don’t think she has a clue either. My cum belongs to her so I guess it will be called upon when she has a desire for it. That is absolutely how I want it!


One comment

  1. he needed to respect his wife as a keyholder in order for this to work.


    Sarah J wrote that the best way to figure out how much time seems “serious” is to take whatever he suggests as a starting point, and then add 50%. For us, it’s not always the long-term locking, it’s the idea that it could be, at any time.

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