Dabbling in D/S

January 22, 2011

We are turning things up a notch. As I said previously, I’ve been reading a lot of literotica lately and I came across a set of stories that intrigued me. I shared them with Belle and she replied with “I’m game.”. 🙂

She has struggled with being a keyholder some because she doesn’t like to be mean to me. We may have found a way around this.

We were chatting over AIM while I was at work yesterday and she started talking about Belle in the 3rd person. It seemed to disconnect it just enough to get her to think more adventurously. So we have now decided that Belle and my wife are two separate people. They are both my keyholders but Belle is my Domme. We will refer to her in the 3rd person unless we are in a session.

May sound strange but we are giving it a shot. I asked my wife what Belle was like.

“A lot like me…but bossy and self-centered.”

🙂 I get to meet her this weekend.

Now for the part we are struggling with. As prevously mentioned, she does not care for a lot of the typical names thrown around in D/S relationships. When in a D/S session, I am to refer to her as Belle. She is having troubles coming up with a name for me. We aren’t into the whole sissy thing at all. Slave and sub are also out. Anyone have any other suggestions?

I am to go out today and purchase two 20 sided dice. My wife informed me that Belle has come up with a little game. The need for 2 of them is a little frightening…but that’s what I wanted.

I did get unlocked last night due to a bit of swelling. Almost 9 days locked up. New record for me. When we went to bed my wife did say that she felt like she shouldn’t give me my usual rubbing session since I was unlocked. That sent chills up my spine. I asked if she would touch me elsewhere. She did. She ran her fingers up my inner thighs and inside my underwear to rub my balls. Damn it felt good to get a proper erection! After a couple of minutes she decided to take advantage of the lack of cage anyway. I got no lube and she wasn’t particularly gentle as she stroked my rock hard cock but It didn’t matter. It felt amazing! I hadn’t had any stimulation like this in 13 days and I needed it. She jerked me for a few minutes and told me to go to sleep. I wanted more but knew better than to ask(I’m getting there). Greatful for what I had received, I curled up with her and went to sleep.

I get locked back up after my shower today. This most likely means my first session with Belle will be in a cage. Definitely self centered. Can’t fucking wait!



  1. Every time I see “Belle” I think of Beauty and the Beast. The Beast is really named Prince Adam. This isn’t in the movie, but it is in the stage play. So how about Adam as your play name?


    • Did not know that!

      Unfortunately she has a cousin named Adam and that would be weird. 🙂

      Also I think she wants more of a title for me as opposed to a separate name because I won’t be a separate person during the session. The title is more to inform me that she is portraying Belle at that time.

      In the story I was refering to, the couple led their normal lives but the second she called him slave, regardless of what he was doing, they were in session.

      • Yes, I can see how Adam would be problematic. 🙂

        Subject, as in “the Queen’s subject”

        Acolyte — Ab sometimes says he is my acolyte when we are fooling around

        Doulos — which is the Greek word for slave

        Servus — the Latin word for slave

        Serf — English, from the middle ages. Essentially a slave


    • Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite movies, and yes, that is where the name came from 🙂

  2. How about “Junior”? Seems like a good name for a sub.

  3. Keep em coming. I’m sure Belle will check them out soon.

  4. Thanks for the input guys. Right now I am stuck between Serf (always interested in the English class system) and Boy. Leaning towards Boy, as part of the appeal for Jnuts is the age difference between us and Boy plays on that. I am still open to suggestions, so if there are anymore let me hear them!

    • As my mind twists and turns, Surfboy is pinging the radar. A strange amalgam of “serf” and “boy” with the added sexiness of guys on surfboards…

      or I supposed you could say serfboy…

      I have written “boi” on Ab more than once 😉


  5. I love Beauty and the Beast, too. It came out when my son was 3 and my daughter was a baby. We watched it many, many times over the years.


  6. I was going to suggest “pet” or “boy”, though it sounds like you’re leaning towards some variation of “boy” already.

    Or what about simply “you” until he’s earned his moniker properly?

  7. Hi,
    Very interesting idea, to have different personas (and names) when in play. We could use that, thanks!
    Can’t wait to hear about the dice game.

    As for name, well I guess Belle doesn’t want to demean you (even in play) but you ARE her possession, yes? so how about “chattel” ?
    Anyway, whatever you decide, you can always change later, its not as if you’ll have to change it by deed poll!

    Have fun guys.

  8. “Lover” seems delightfully ambiguous. You are the one who loves her. Loverboy works in the same way serfboy does.

  9. And then, “How do you call your loverboy?”

    “Come here, loverboy…”

    I just stumbled on this great little video with Ewan McGregor, of all people!


  10. I really like loverboy! Add to the fact that Dirty Dancing is a fav of both of us and it really works!

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