Can’t think of a title for this blog.

January 26, 2011

Locked back up last night. I had been unlocked a few days ago due to some weird internal pain. Felt like I had been kicked in the nuts. So far everything has been back to normal. I’m glad. It was depressing thinking maybe chastity was something I wasn’t going to be able to do. It felt very weird not being locked up. I would compare it to wearing a watch everyday and then not being able to wear it anymore. You feel naked.

It has been 17 days without orgasm. I did get a ruined orgasm a few days ago that I never got around to writing about. Did it myself while lying in bed. My wife caught half of it and made me swallow it. No problem at all. Ruined orgasms are crazy!

I did have a couple days with a bit of a lower sex drive. I had been crazy horny and draining my balls seemed to give me some relief.

The past couple nights have been very busy and therefore without play. She is off her period now so I’m hoping for some oral soon. I know better than to ask though!



  1. I get a fleeting pain in my scrotum as well. It concerned me enough this past summer that I had an ultrasound to see if anything was amiss. Nothing found, thankfully. I think it’s from your body trying to retract and hitting resistance from the base ring, in my case.


  2. After using a ‘trapped ball’ device for a few week, I noticed a lump doc says its a benign cyst. Not sur if it was caused by the CD, and I’m not about to ask my doctor, he’s very straight laced. So, it was a PA-5000 or nuffin’ As we found CP so HOT Ive got a PA mostly so that I can use a PA-5000.
    I’m concerned that these devices no’t go through a rigourous qualification process, like a drug does. Who know what long term wear is going to do to us? Same goes for the PA-5000, of course!

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better! I sometimes have concerns about the weight of the device. Listening to your body is important.


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