Been too long

August 15, 2011

After a very crazy start to our summer, Jnuts and I have ventured back into playing. Since our last blog Jnuts has been unlocked and we were not playing any type of chastity games/lifestyle. He ruptured his appendix, which led to him almost dying, being in the hospital for a week and home healthcare for 2 weeks after that. A week after all of that ended my father passed away. Hopefully all of the negative things are done for awhile now, and we can focus on having more fun.

As of last night Jnuts is locked back up. We both had mentioned it at various points over the last week or so, and I could tell he was getting more excited about the idea. There is a group of women that I have spoke to daily for the last 3 years, but never met. (obviously on-line). We are all planning a vacation together with our kids this spring. jnuts knows I have told them about his device, and he has answered their questions thinking he would never be face to face with them. When the realization hit him that he was going to be meeting these 8 other women who know that he is a locked man hit him, I guess it turned him on quite a bit. He asked multiple times if he would be locked for the trip. Hey, I am game, and while we are at it fuck me one last time since I am locking you up tonight 🙂



  1. So glad to hear from you and sad to hear about the summer past. Let’s keep the sails up at full mast and finish out the year full speed ahead…

    Best Regards,

    • Full mast won’t be available for a while. 😉

  2. Welcome back. Sorry you had so many RL issues and sorry about your dad I haven’t had that one knock on wood or a life threatening illness. I’ll try to send you some positive energy.

    and good luck jnuts…..:)

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