August 17, 2011

So as Belle mentioned, she has outed me. In a few months, I will be spending 5 days with several of her girlfriends and their families. I will be locked, and they will know it. I really hope it won’t be awkward. The women knowing doesn’t bother me. The likely chance that they will have told their significant others (I sure as hell would….something that crazy) does bother me a little for some reason. I really don’t know what the difference is.

So yesterday Belle had me roll a 20 sided dice. I rolled a 14. That is the minimum number of days I will go without an orgasm. It could be longer. Depends on her mood. I’ve gone a lot longer but it has been a while and this is driving me crazy already.

Last night helped. We stayed up late and did lots of unmentionable things. Locked of course. Right in the heat of things, she asked me if I wanted to cum. I really fucking did. I told her this. She firmly told me no. That was what I really needed. I asked her later if she thought even for a second about letting me have an orgasm. She said she didn’t. That again is what I really needed to hear.

We are determined that this is going to work this time. Our last two sessions were interrupted. This time, barring something else rupturing in my body, we are doing this. She seems to be comfortable being strong this time. I have a feeling, I’m in for some long semi-hard stints in the near future.



  1. Hi,

    I have just finished reading your blog from the beginning. It took some weeks, since I could not do it in one session. I have enjoyed it much. I will be staying with you, and comment from time to time.

  2. One more thing, your anticipation is delicious. I would love to be in your place.

  3. […] we will most likely be posting a guest review this weekend.  Remember when I blogged about Belle telling a few friends about our blog?  Well a couple of those friends absolutely NEEDED a vibrator.  Who are we to […]

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