Most frustrated ever…

August 21, 2011

This has been a different chastity session. In the past, I was occasionally unlocked and permitted to edge myself. I assumed this would be the case this time as well but it is not. I have been told that I will not be unlocked at least until the end of my 14 days. That added a whole new level of frustration.

The last session I reported was pretty much it aside from a minute or so of rubbing until last night. I had been told the night prior that Belle was tired, but we would probably play the next night. Needless to say, that is pretty much all I thought about all day.

So as Belle was getting ready for bed, I took the liberty of restraining myself (wrists only). This was not an easy task at all. It was also a bit of topping from the bottom, but Belle needs some guidance sometimes and has made that very clear.

So anyway, she comes in and after laughing a bit about my self restrain, she sat down next to me on the bed and started gently stroking my balls. I was in heaven. She didn’t seem too sure of what she wanted to do, and often gets a little stumped (especially when she is on these damn BC pills….only 2 more weeks!) I gave her a couple of scenarios to let her know what would especially drive me crazy. She trumped them all.

Without a word, she straddled my device so all I could see was her ass…still covered in her panties. She gently started rubbing herself against my (fully filled by this point) cage and my balls. As she picked up speed and started rubbing harder, there was some pain as my balls were being pulled by the base ring, but the torturous pleasure of it all far outweighed it.

I couldn’t see anything but that gorgeous ass rocking back and forth. Could only hear the faint sound of her moaning. All at once, she asked me if I was ready. Hell yes I was! She pressed down firmly on my cage and with a couple of swift movements, she came.

After a second or two, she dismounted me. She kissed my cage, uncuffed me, and told me goodnight.

Holy shit. I was sooooo frustrated it wasn’t funny. She totally just used me to get off. I didn’t even get to do the honors with my mouth. The lack of real participation caused my hornyness to go through the roof. I have always wanted to watch her masturbate herself to an orgasm but she had never let me. Well, I had just had a very obstructed view of her getting off on my captive cock and I needed more.

I was stunned. She went to the bathroom and when she came back, I asked if I could smell her. She obliged and for a few seconds, I found myself enthralled in the scent of her recently spent pussy. Until she told me that I had had enough and told me to go to sleep.

I laid there frustrated for several minutes. I eventually asked if I was allowed to touch myself through my cage. I had never been frustrated enough to try this but I was desperate. She laughed and told me she didn’t care. She warned me that it wasn’t going to get me anywhere and it would only make it worse. She was right. A couple of minutes of fondling my balls and trying to reach the right spots through my cage and I was dying for just a couple of solid strokes.

I asked if she would unlock me so I could edge myself. In the past, she would have told me to go get the key. Not this time. Instead, she asked me if it had been 14 days yet. I responded in the negative and that was that.

Have I told you lately how awesome my wife is? She is definitely getting this keyholder thing down and I imagine, she is only going to get more firm as time goes by and she gains more confidence in her role. As soon as this BC is out of her system, I may find that I have created a monster.



  1. Wow! You are Sooo lucky! Enjoy!

  2. omg…OMG!! What a hot story of your night! I can picture your excitement and frustration, and her pleasure!!

  3. This is awesome, this is what we all want, is it not?

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