August 22, 2011

Definitely going through withdrawl. I know what you vets are saying…”You’ve only been locked up 8 days, 7 hours, and 22 minutes!”

This is true. However, I was out of the game so long that it is like starting over. It is kinda like learning to play guitar. Once you build up those calluses on your finger tips, you are set. You quit practicing for a while, you have some pain to go through to get back where you were. Lets just say I don’t currently have calluses anywhere on my hands.

I think I’m getting to the point whrlere I am leveling off though. The intense need to orgasm is slowly dying down and is currently at the point of a smoldering desire. This isn’t to say that the second my sexy wife touches me I won’t be right back up there.

So I am scheduled to be available for release in a little over 5 days. Almost like being up for parole. Uncertain whether you will be getting out or not. I’m getting to telhe point where I’m not exactly sure I want out. In the heat of the moment there is no way in hell I will say no to the opportunity, but in my current, only semi-horny state, I can think rationaly. I know as soon as that wave of euphoria hits, I’m starting over again. It is bound to be easier than this time. But to I want to chance the hell again? I’m sure I will. Hoping for a small number but deep down in a wierd place inside secretly hoping she demands that I roll both dice this time. Why pick a number at all? In the purest form of the chastity we are playing, I should only get to cum when she desires it. The question is, does she ever desire my semen enough to temporarily break the mental hold she has on me?

In reality I know that she would let me cum more often because I enjoy it. It is in no way her fault but I know that if we were going by just her desires at this point, I would be chaste for a very long time. Damn you birth control pills! I want my wife back!

Anyway…my of my was this a bunch of rambling…


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