A woman’s prerogative

September 7, 2011

We have all heard the saying “it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind”. That is exactly what I did.

If you are a follower of our blog, you will know that about 2 weeks ago I proposed the idea of a dice game to Jnuts. It was very indepth, and involved several steps and the possibility of a very long lock-up. He seemed very excited about the idea, and was eager to roll the dice to start the cycle. I was excited because he was excited. I thought I was ready for the control to be taken away from me, as in the past I have had issues with deciding when was “time” to unlock. Jnuts would ask due to extreme horniness, and I felt bad saying no, so I would go along with it. This often led to regret on his part, as he was “topping from the bottom”. Enter the dice game. Seemed a win-win for us at this stage.


After being chaste for 9 days, it was time for Jnuts to roll the dice again to see how long this leg of the cycle was to be. He rolled a 33. Um, ok. This would be another month, and that at point he would be only be halfway through the game. We were looking at the potential of it being 5 months until he was able to cum. To some this may seem exciting. On one level I know the thought of it excited him. Problem is it doesn’t excite me. I like the “better behaved chaste husband”, but I also really enjoy sex with my husband that ends in him cumming inside me. Oral sex is great, yes I bought myself a new vibrator to use, but there are times when I want my husband to cum inside of me and I don’t want to wait until a stupid set of dice tells me it can happen.

So long story short, he is locked up until I say he gets unlocked. He cums when I say he can. The device goes back on when I say it does. I am in control of our penis, and I call the shots. Literally.



  1. Same place we ended up, too. Belle (my Belle) just didn’t want there to be any rules in the way of her being in control.

  2. I wouldn’t want it any other way… your choice, your control, and no idea when or where you choose to let it happen.

  3. Dice are useful for helping with the guilt thing, but eventually you outgrow them (as you have)… it’s better this way isn’t it though, really.

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