What a bitch…

September 7, 2011

No, not Belle, me. I’m totally ashamed of the way I acted last night. Belle was being the perfect keyholder, giving me exactly what I asked for. She woke me up, I got the pleasure of licking her to an orgasm…one of those orgasms that Contracted against my tongue. *shiver* Right before she came, she told me that it was the only orgasm I would feel that night. She also told me I was such a good boy…you know, the things you really love to hear when servicing your wife.

After she was done, she wanted to go to sleep. I should have left it at that. That is what a good husband does. Of course I became a little bitch. Begging to be unlocked, saying I couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning.

I made her feel guilty. She was doing everything right and I’m so glad she stuck to her guns. I feel really bad about it now.

Ok there. I went to confession. Moving on now…


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  1. Hi, I’ve linked this post to a post on my site, hopefully you’ll get some traffic from it…



  2. Me thinks she should whip the living sh*t out of your ass sometime soon for begging and making her feel guilty. You’ll learn. šŸ˜›


    • Now, why would I reward him for this behavior?

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