Interesting Search Engine Terms…

September 8, 2011

I often find it humorous to see what people search for and end up finding our blog.

Lets see…

“teeth in my cock” Who doesn’t love a little teeth now and then?
“bella-step brother chastity torture” I’ll have to look that one up because there are way too many hits for that to not be something.
“riding crop to the balls” So perfectly blunt!
“my wife just told me she is going to be my keyholder” Poor guy must not have known what she meant! Google will show you the way my son…
“locked anal balls cock key she” Really now? You don’t say.
“Slept with another man bigger cock”. Well we know you aren’t talking about me!
“Im in hospital cant cum orgasm denial” Call the nurse, perhaps she can give you something for that.
“Male chastity wife swallows key” I got nothing…
“Ruined orgasm iphone” I’m just curious if they ended up finding an app for that.

Speaking of ruined orgasms, 25% of all of our traffic is for this page. What is it about ruined orgasms that intrigues people so much? Perhaps I will find out tonight and let you guys know. That isn’t up to me of course.

So spill it, what are some of your best search terms fellow bloggers?



  1. Mine are all quite dull…. by the way I have added you to my bloglist, hopefully you will get some hits off it. Cool blog.

    • Thanks. I will add you when I get home.

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