A Ruined Orgasm or two?

September 10, 2011

Belle must have read my last post before we went to bed that night.  🙂

I was given two choices.  She would unlock me and suck me for a couple of minutes…or I could give myself a ruined orgasm.  Ugh.  That is a tough one!  It took me a minute or two to decide…much to her pleasure.  Finally I asked if she would make me swallow my cum if I chose the second option and she replied in the affirmative.  That settled it.  Crazy kinky bastard.

Ruined Orgasm Shot Glass

So Belle took off my device and went to get our shot glass we keep for such occasions.  God did it feel good to stroke myself.  The fact that I knew how it was going to end was just icing on the cake (get it?).

My wonderful keyholder played with my balls and gently raked her nails up and down all those spots I like.  I was in heaven.  She kept telling me how there was probably going to be a lot since I hadn’t cum in almost two weeks.  That was really getting me going.

I was taking my time, but it was getting late, so I was told that I needed to finish soon.  The added pressure made me hotter.

First attempt…swing and a miss.  Only a drop of precum in the glass.

Second attempt…I knew I had it.  Two spurts and the frustration set in.  I knew things had gone off as planned because I wanted to swallow what was in the shot glass.  My wife took it and poured it down my throat.  I easily swallowed it.  Pretty strong stuff, but I didn’t care, I wanted more.  I knew I still had more in me, that wasn’t nearly two weeks worth of cum.

I asked if I could do it again.  Belle was skeptical, but I assured her that I could do it.  She agreed and told me I didn’t have to swallow it this time.  I told her I wanted to.  The truth was, swallowing the first time made me so damn hot, that is why I wanted to do it again.  The faint split second feeling of an orgasm wasn’t what I was craving this time.

So I started stroking again and before long, I was ready.  Now the weird part…

I felt nothing this time.  Usually you feel yourself going over the edge right before you let go, and then you feel nothing.  This time, I felt nothing at all.  I just watched the cum pour out of me.  This time there was a lot.  Probably 1/3 of a shot worth.  The unfortunate part was that I lost all desire to swallow it.  Belle didn’t make me do it either.

As we were cleaning up, I told her that I was concerned that I might have taken it too far.  I have never had the desire for more leave me after a ruined orgasm.  I was still hard, and I’m sure I could have done it again without much trouble, so I’m not quite sure what happened.  I informed her that from now on, I prefer only one, no matter what I tell her at the time.

About 30 hours later, I’m horny as hell again as I’m typing this, so I don’t think I had an orgasm.  Perhaps it was just something with the pressure release that did it.

On another note, Belle is going to another bachelorette party tonight.  Can lightning strike twice?  I sure hope so!  This one even involves a sex toy party.  Damn I wish I could go!  At least it will give us a new item to review.

Speaking of reviews, I really appreciate everyone who has checked out our new blog!  It is a lot more difficult to get traffic on your own when WordPress is not involved.  If you haven’t already, check out my latest review to see what helps get me through this crazy thing they call male chastity.



  1. Wow, great post! I would love this…

  2. Your narrative is a turn-on. I have gone through most of that, and wish to experience it again. Still, I wonder: are we wishing for >sipping another man’s proceeds? The problem that I have is that when I am horney (before ah …. you know) I am willing to do anything. Afterward, well, no.

  3. No. I struggled with the self consciousness of my cum fetish for a while. Same thing with the desire for anal play. I still feel a bit of it from time to time. The thing is though, it is about 10% the act that turns me on and 90% the control factor. Do I want fucked in the ass by another guy? No. Do I want fucked in the ass by my beautiful wife? Hell yes I do. Do I want to swallow another man’s cum? No way. Be forced by my keyholder to clean up my mess? Yes sir! Since she won’t force me to do that, I will settle for her humoring me and pouring it down my throat at my request.

    As for being willing until the orgasm….that is what ruined orgasms are for. 😉

  4. It is probably too late, but it would be a tremendous turn-on if Belle took you to the event and allowed the women to demonstrate the sex toys with you undressed. Maybe just wearing a chastity device. I know I would like to be there.

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