Good Vibrations

September 11, 2011

Belle took her new vibrator out of our toy bag and told me I could use it on her if I wanted.  Fuck yes I wanted.  I have been wanting to fuck her with it ever since the first time I saw it.

We went to bed.  She informed me that she had forgot to bring the key.  I told her that she didn’t have to feel obligated to unlock me.  If she wanted to that was fine, but I had just played a couple nights prior and I felt that she needed a night about her.  Selfless act that I thought I would regret later.  As horny as I got, I didn’t. 

We started with a little oral.  I love her pussy.  I really do.  I could kiss it for hours.  Not that night though…she was anticipating otherwise.  She told me she was ready.  Usually when I fuck her, I like to rub the head of my cock up and down her pussy and her clit.  She seems to enjoy it when I do so I started this way with the vibrator as well.  After a few stroke, I gently inserted the tip into her.  I was so hard inside of my cage by then.  My cock was definitely jealous.  There is something about watching my wife get filled up close like that.  You obviously don’t get that from having sex.

After she was warmed up, I started fucking her slowly with her new toy.  I had put batteries in it just in case but I didn’t anticipate using them.  Belle has always hated vibrators.  The vibrations never did anything for her and they made her go numb.  Apparently she had been doing it wrong.  😉

She told me to turn it on.  After about 30 seconds of the vibrations on her clit, the was admitting she was wrong.  She kept going on about how she saw what the big deal was now.  I alternated fucking her with the vibrator and using it on her clit.  She was going nuts.  Earlier that night we had been discussing vibrators and she was making fun of all the rabbit vibrators saying they were ridiculous.  Within 5 minutes of me turning this thing on, she decided she wanted one.

When she came, she came hard.  One of those gripping-the-sheets-so-hard-I-thought-there-would-be-holes-in-them orgasms.

By that time, my cage was hurting me.  I wanted out so bad.  But in another way I didn’t.  I wanted that night to be about her.  I said nothing, asked for nothing, and got ready for bed.

I really hope she wants this more often.  The thought of being locked up for weeks, getting her off several times a week is awesome.  I enjoy where I am at now.  I’m in the zone.  I like going longer periods of time without orgasm because the beginning of a cycle is so difficult.  My mood is unpredictable and constantly going through withdrawal sucks.

If you would like to read Belle’s review of this vibrator, you can find it here.



  1. Just starting to use a CB and while I’ve gone without for longer in the past without one, this time I was to be locked for 10 days and for the last few days since then I haven’t been in the mood for denial at all. I’ve been irritable as hell and not excited by the prospect of the forthcoming week so I identify with your comment about “the beginning of a cycle is so difficult” and “My mood is unpredictable and constantly going through withdrawal”.

    In the past I’ve been back in the zone again pretty much the day after so I’m not sure what changed. One possibility, I notice Elise Sutton recommends an orgasm day during the weaning process because “One orgasm is usually not sufficient” at http://elisesutton.homestead.com/chastity.html and I’m wondering if this might make the difference? It might be worth a try anyway I guess.

    Otherwise, what are your thoughts about the quickest way to get back in the zone?

    • I typically get a couple days off after a cycle. It gives us time to get some “normal” sex in and also I usually get to masturbate at least once. Kinda drain the system and get ready again. Unfortunately I don’t know the secret to getting back where I need to be quickly. I don’t know that there is one. If you find one, let me know! My wife will thank you. 😉

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