September 18, 2011

We had a fight. I guess it was more than a fight really. It wasn’t sexual in nature so I won’t go into details but Belle did something that was a problem in our past and she swore she wouldn’t do again. This really hurt my trust in her.

Immediately I felt disgust at the thought of wearing my device so I took it off.

It went back on a few hours later but it was more out of habit because she no longer felt worthy of it. I guess part of it was wanting to forgive her and start mending things.

In the end, we had really good makeup sex. I didn’t want her guilt to be the thing that ended my chastity cycle so we did the game I posted about yesterday. She rolled me an orgasm (I made her leave the dice so I could verify after) and man did I cum! We used positions we had never used before but that felt so natural. All in all a good time!

She still isn’t sure about locking me back up. I want locked up however and I think for now we will share keyholder duties. I don’t think it will take her long to get back into it. In order to ensure that it doesn’t take me long, I have decided to be denied the infamous second orgasm. I was teased tonight and locked back up. My orgasm last night was so powerful that it was painful. I got my release and the buildup was excellent but the orgasm itself did little more than relieve pressure and leave me wanting more. Wanting more in a big way! I figure locking me up tonight is the best way to harness that leftover momentum and slingshot me back into where I need to be.

I want to go at least 30 days this time. We will be getting a lot of new toys to review so there will be a lot of playtime. It is actually a lot easier to review a toy and be unbiased when you don’t actually have an orgasm while using it.



  1. Without wishing to disrespect your privacy, anyone reading this can’t really help but wonder what happened. That you choose not to reveal this is your prerogative and I totally support that. I have actually wondered about this myself though… if something ‘bad’ happened between myself and Mistress R would I feel like giving my orgasms over to her to control, probably not. Something ‘bad’ did happen between us, but it was a long time ago, way before we started the chastity play, so it’s hard to know what I would do. I guess it’s difficult to know, without knowing how ‘bad’ it was. All I would say is that, from my own experience it was almost enough to split us up and I’m glad I stuck it out, otherwise I wouldn’t be where I am today.

    • It involved hiding things about our finances. She had to do this in her past relationship and has done it several times in ours. Every time she has promised me she won’t do it again and I can’t stand being lied to. I would much rather her be honest than feel that she has to hide it.

      At that point I was so pissed off that I didn’t care. Had it just been a fight, I would not have taken it off. Considering it was all one sided and it was a trust issue, I didn’t feel right wearing it.

  2. I have gone through similar events with my wife. It is not something that I would want to experience again. On the long run, it made us stronger. I am glad that all is well with you now.

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