Teasing…Its not just a city in Uruguay!

September 20, 2011

I was doing a little reading last night and I came across a blog post on Keyheld that I felt was very worthy of praise. This particular blog by Mistress Ivey is all about teasing.

The basic premise of the post is that teasing is very important and that it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take his device off.  From what I have read, a lot of Keyholders either don’t seem to realize, or simply forget that teasing doesn’t have to be physical.  It really doesn’t have to involve much work at all on their end.  His dick is in a cage.  He is by default constantly thinking about it.  All you have to do is remind him every now and then that you are aware of the situation. 

The bulk of her post involves using his fantasies to drive him crazy.  No, you don’t have to act on them, they are fantasies!  All he wants is to hear you talk about them!

“Believe me, not only will his cock get hard (as hard as possible in his cage), but he will enjoy every minute of it. Just knowing his fantasies (especially the ones he wants to come true) can be such a great tool for you to use when you want to tease and deny him. After all, denial is nothing without the tease first! Talking about any of his fantasies in detail just might make him want to orally please you while you talk. Or after. So don’t ignore those needs and desires your partner has, instead, use them to your advantage. Remember, his mind (his libido to be precise), is the single most powerful weapon in your arsenal.”

This is absolutely true!  80% of Male Chastity is mental.  Use it!

What if you aren’t comfortable “talking dirty” or discussing fantasies out loud?  Belle has this problem.  I often ask her to talk to me when I’m masturbating (back when the pill was in effect and we didn’t have much playtime), or when I’m being teased (now that I’m back in chastity and our sex life is amazing).  She always balks at this and tells me she can’t do it.  She tells me she doesn’t know what to say and she isn’t good at it.  First of all, she is good at it, damn good at it!  When she gets into it, it is absolutely amazing and really intensifies things.  As far as what to say…it doesn’t matter!  Most of the time I just want to hear her voice.  It is the voice of the woman who loves me and it just makes for one more of my senses being stimulated.  Sure, it is a bonus if she talks about something that she knows is a fantasy of mine…usually the kinkier the better.  Trust me, no man is going to look at you weird if you go a little off the beaten path when teasing him.  He is so focused in the moment that he can twist damn near anything you say into the new hottest fantasy on his list.

Taunting is another good thing.  You know he wants out of his cage.  You know he wants to cum.  Remind him of that.  Tell him that you know what he wants.  Tell him he can’t have it.  Tease and denial.  It is what we crave.  Verbal tease and verbal denial works just as well as physical.  Often it is better.

Don’t be shy ladies.  Let loose!  Don’t be embarrassed!  He is the one that wears a cock cage around town.

Great job Mistress Ivey!  Spot on!


PS  It isn’t a city in Uruguay either…I made that up.


  1. Amen… although I suspect that it takes awhile for new keyholders to grasp the importance of the whole tease & deny element and how they can have such fun with it.

    Nice post…!

  2. Mistress Ivey is good at what she does. She writes well, and has a clear mind with respect to logic and urban myth. Her partner is a lucky man.

    About the tease parts, it all depends on what works for each partner. What works for her might not work for my wife, and vice versa. One thing that is constant, denial does not pay without the tease. She has that right.

  3. A single tap on the cage often suffices 😉

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