The key to our marriage

September 22, 2011

There was some discussion on a male chastity message board regarding holding a key for a friend. This got me thinking about what it means to hold a key. Ask 30 keyholders, you will get 30 different answers. Sure, for the most part they will be along the same lines- power, control over orgasms, and some version of respect. It is dependent on your individual relationship with the chaste and how you see yourself progressing.

Regular readers of our blog will know that Jnuts proposed male chastity to me. I was as vanilla as they come, at the time I did not even own a vibrator. I had owned them in the past, but they just didn’t do anything for me. I had no sex drive due to having 2 very small children, and him giving me the key (or symbolic key) was a way to balance our relationship and show me that he respected my boundaries. Taking that power was not an easy decision for me. I struggled with being able to be firm yet fair, and still do. It is not about degradation, submission, or me being better than him in any way. It is about me meeting my husbands needs in a rather unorthodox way, and finally allowing myself reap the benefits.

Last month Jnuts and I had the best month we have experienced in several years. I can honestly say that I owe that to male chastity. I felt in control, and he was attentive, loving, and helpful. I finally understood the struggle that I had read other keyholders experiencing. The loving wife in me wanted to let him cum and feel the ecstasy that goes with a great orgasm. The keyholder in me wanted to never let him cum again in order to keep my attentive husband right where he was. We experimented more with toys, and I unlocked him multiple times for sex without his orgasm. He did have an orgasm (or two!) and we are back at the beginning of another cycle. How long will this one last? That all depends on how things are going in our lives at that time.

Back to the discussion on the forums, could I hold a key for someone else? No. To me that little master lock key represents love and respect more than my wedding ring does.

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