I’m better now.

September 26, 2011

I have leveled off a bit. I apologize to my readers who like to see my crazy nonsensical rants…those are gone for a while. I have reached my zen like state where I am calm and know everything.

Tonight has been planned. We will be using a new cockring that we got to review so I will be unlocked. 🙂

Reviewing the toys has disrupted things a little bit but I’m sure we will get in a groove. It is just difficult to keep the reviews flowing when I’m supposed to be locked up. We will be trying to concentrate on items that can be used for T&D while locked as well as toys for Belle. We can’t let the reviews take over. Chastity must come first.

I am formulating a little wishlist in my head that might be making it here pretty soon. There is some stuff out there that I want to try just because it looks insane. I guess I’m a little adventurous.


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