Happily Denied.

September 28, 2011

Last night was a good night. Belle and I tried out the cock ring we received to review. While the ring didn’t end up doing much for us, we had a delightful little sexual experience!

Belle unlocked me and got me worked up so I could put the ring on. For some reason I wasn’t springing to attention like usual and it took a couple minutes of play before I was hard enough. Once things were looking up, I put the ring on and got a little bit of awesome ball play.

Belle’s pussy felt sooooo good! I think the cock ring actually increased my sensitivity and it felt nothing short of amazing. I ended up getting a little carried away. I couldn’t get enough of her neck and the little moans I was hearing told me she was loving it as well. At one point she told me to settle down and remember the rules. She reminded me that I wouldn’t be cumming. I informed her that she would be. She agreed. She made me slow down. That didn’t hurt things one bit. I was edging.

After one more reminder that I wasn’t to cum, she did. It was one of those orgasms where I wasn’t quite sure whether it happened or not. Although it was more steady than explosive, she seemed to enjoy it.

We had decided prior to going to bed that I wouldn’t be getting the night off like I usually do when I get unlocked. I was getting locked back up right after.

I had read somewhere that a lot of women used bags of frozen food to get their men ready to go back in their cage. I can now vouch for the effectiveness of this method.

So overall, very good sex, very good times. I really love being reminded that I’m not allowed to have an orgasm, especially as I watch her go over the edge. Deny my pleasure while you experience ecstasy.

I love you Belle.


Edit: Nevermind. Belle is being an asshole tonight. 😉


  1. He is just mad that I told him if he gets an anal hook I will hang laundry from his ass.

  2. Was there ever any doubt about the effectiveness of a bag of frozen brussels sprouts?? Hee hee!

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