To the point.

September 30, 2011

It was 2am. I had already gone to bed. Belle had not.

She woke me up when she came in and told me to roll over on my back and take off my pants.

She used her nails on me. At times it was almost unbearable. She scratched the tip of my cock through my cage and clawed at my balls. She smacked my balls a couple of times. She wrapped her hand around my Jailbird and stroked me, digging her nails into my flesh.

I was as hard as I could be in my chastity device. I knew I wasn’t getting out.

I begged to pleasure her. She told me I could for a minute. I assumed my position and kissed her pussy. The minute came and went and it was starting to look like this wasn’t going to be a night where she would be able to cum.

I licked her clit. Usually direct stimulation is too much for her. Not tonight. She told me to keep doing “that”. “That” I did and within another minute she was pulling her underwear back on and rolling over without a word. I did the same.

I love being her toy.


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  1. HOT!

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