“You will probably cum before vacation…”

October 2, 2011

I got some T&D last night.  To be honest, I can’t remember much about it.  It was overshadowed by the statement that I decided would make a good title for this post.

I have been locked up almost 14 days.  Since we picked things back up in August, two weeks is the longest I have gone.  Even then, I have had at least one ruined orgasm per cycle.  I’m at 14 days without one.  Two weeks of cum.  I’m sure I will a ruined orgasm at some point…that is going to be a lot of cum in the shot glass.

I will probably cum before vacation.  That means there is a possibility that I won’t cum before vacation.  Vacation is not until the day after Thanksgiving.  That is almost two months away.  Going back through the blog, it appears my record is 34 days.  This is definitely upping the stakes.  Right at this moment, that is what I want.  Ask me tomorrow and I may feel differently.

Belle is going to look into prostate milking.  I don’t think we have ever done this successfully and I would like to.  The thought of being drained with little or no pleasure excites me. Ruined orgasms are awesome, but I do get to feel the brink of orgasm.  It isn’t as good as the real thing but it is still good.  I want to get release without the pleasure.  I want all orgasms to belong to her and I want them to happen when she wants them.

So hearing this come from her mouth last night as she played with my caged cock definitely excited me.  I think we are approaching the next level.  Whatever that means.


One comment

  1. I do enjoy reading your blog, you always seem to have something to say and you always manage to say it very succinctly, keep up the good work and thanks for adding me to your blog roll (I’ve just noticed).

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