Craving cum.

October 5, 2011

I came to write a blog and just now noticed the one my wife wrote last night.  How sweet.  🙂

So yes, things have been hectic.  No time for play yet this week.  Frustrating?  Yes.  Am I dealing?  Yes.  No outbursts.

I’m really craving cum.  A lot more than usual.  It is such a weird craving.  I don’t know why I have it, I really don’t.  I would love nothing more right now than to have my legs suspended over my head and to have an orgasm ruined right into my mouth.  Or have Belle milk me into a shot glass and slowly pour it into my mouth.

I’m not sure if I blogged about it, but for a few weeks before we started back into chastity, Belle was letting me masturbate as often as I wanted.  The only catch was that all cum was deposited into a specimen cup, that was kept in the freezer.  Filling that cup up made things pretty hot.  I found myself jerking off when I wasn’t really in the mood, just to see the amount increase.  It was a bit scary in a way, knowing I would have to swallow it all some day.  It was exciting though.  I probably got 15 or 20 loads in there.  It was about 1/3 of the way full.

Belle was still on the pill, and when it came down to it, she decided that she wasn’t really interested in the whole idea.  We threw it away.  Wish we had it now.  I’m sure it would have been past the expiration date by now, but having a cup with that much cum now would be such a turn on.  I don’t know if her thoughts on it have changed yet, but hopefully they do some day.  It sucks that I don’t get to cum very often.  It would take a long time to get anywhere near that much now.

So many possibilities though.  Would she make me just drink it straight?  Would she fill herself with it and give me one hell of a creampie?  Make me lick it off her body?  Suck it off a dildo?  No idea.  What would be the biggest mind fuck?  Probably making me get naked except for my cage.  Giving me no stimulation at all and just making me drink it straight from the cup.  Then telling me goodnight.

Anywho…probably no play tonight.  17 days in.  No release at all.  I think I’ve been locked up for a week and a half straight.  I would have to go back and check the blog to be sure.  Oh well.



  1. I have to ask….just what is the expiration date of cum?

    • When it no longer appears fresh.

  2. She could have put it in a cake for you too…. I know what you mean about craving cum though, and it is an odd thing to feel.

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