100th post celebrated with amazing sex!

October 14, 2011

Been busy lately and havent had much time/motivation to post.

A quick recap…

I have been without orgasm for 25 days now. I did go back and check and our record is 34…I thought it was more. I did get a ruined orgasm the other day. It was one of the ones that totally milks the desire out of me(hate that) and it may have been responsible for my lack of blogging. I have re-entered the zen mode since.

We did use our new thigh harness two nights ago and although she brought herself to orgasm with it, I remained locked and hard.

Then we get to last night. I had been asleep for two hours because I’m on my early shift. I was awoken by a hand in my pants. It was not mine. 🙂 Wonderful way to wake up!

I rolled over and kissed Belle. I told her how much i wanted to fuck her. To my surprise, I was told to fetch the key. If I wasn’t awake before…

My cage was off in a flash and I stuck my head between my keyholder’s legs and licked those folds that I worship. She told me that it felt good but it wasn’t what she wanted.

I got on top of her. Entering her scratched an itch that was deep inside of me that I didn’t know I had. The first several strokes were absolute heaven and I could have let go right there.

I love it when Belle reminds me that I am not to cum. She has gotten more vocal about it and it really intensifies things for me. I love hearing that it will be a long time and I love hearing that I’m not allowed to cum simply because she doesn’t want me to. I also love hearing that she can cum as often as she wants and that it will feel amazing. Yes, submitting to her in this way gets me going…big time.

This sex was the sensual kind that you hope will never end. Especially when you know there will be no explosive finale for you. I kissed her neck as I slowly slid in and out of her. She gave me many verbal cues to tell me I was doing everything right. I find that I really need this when I’m chaste. When my sole job is to please her and not worry about myself, I need to know that I’m doing my job.

She came and it was great. Afterward she told me I was permitted to sleep without my cage since it would likely take me a while to get back into it.

We talked a bit before I dozed back off. I told her I definitely need sex like that to remind me why I want an orgasm so bad. Sometimes when I’m locked for a while without play, the cage becomes an annoyance and I don’t really crave release, I just want it off. When I get something like last night, it is a totally different story and I go for days wanting more. I would do anything to enter her again now. Alas my cage is back on and my cock is safe from such things.

We also discussed ruined orgasms a bit. I told her that I really don’t want them very often anymore if that is ok with her. They are great when they just make me more frustrated, but killing my drive is not a chance I want to take. I would much rather be milked. I can’t describe it really. I want my release to be void of pleasure. I want them to be a process that we perform every couple of weeks. We have some latex gloves that I think will set this mood. I will obviously get pleasure from it but it will be limited. Glove on, massage my prostate, make me drink my fluids, then off to bed. Why I crave this I don’t quite understand. I guess there is a very fine line between wanting an orgasm so bad you would kill for it and wanting to be denied.

Good times.


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