I want.

October 19, 2011

I really want some anal toys. Belle is getting all the toys and I’m jealous. My cock is locked up so that rules out the majority of the male sex toys on the market. Anal toys would be the next best thing.

What I really want is an njoy Pure Plug of some sort. I think having matching stainless in my pants would be the way to go.

My device is so much a part of me now that it doesn’t strike me as kinky anymore. I forget it is there. I crave something a bit more intrusive. More of a reminder that my body is hers. I wouldn’t want to wear it all the time of course, just occasionally. I wouldn’t want to get accustomed to that too. Next step would be piercing my nipples. No thanks!

We did get a vibrator yesterday that didn’t work out so well that might be cool for some anal play. I’m sure we will probably try it out since I’m sure Belle won’t be using it again anytime soon.

Also wanting a cane. Belle doesn’t really care for the flogger that much and she broke our riding crop the last time we used it. We have heard a lot of good things about caning and want to give it a try.

I didn’t really mean for this to be a post about toys I want but since it has turned into that…

Vampire gloves. Hell yes! That would be a ruined orgasm I could get behind!

I also would like one of those spiked parachute things. I’m big on spiky things on my scrotum and I would say that is probably pretty intense!

Hmmm… What else?

Oh yeah, this thing! I have lovingly redubbed it the Garden Weasel. You guys know how much I love my pinwheel and this one takes it to the next level!

And how can I forget…the anal hook. Isn’t she lovely? Belle insists she will hang laundry from it if I ever obtain one.

Add a humbler and some spreader bars to the list and I would be a very happy man!

Anybody own any of this stuff? Be sure to let me know what you think, good or bad!


PS. I apologize to anyone who found this post while looking for information on the Garden Weasel. Let me help you out.


  1. Google “cock lock intruder”…you might find this is something right up your “Alley”…

    • Ah yes, I have seen those. I’m wondering how well they would stay in place though. If there were a way to attach it to a chastity device, that could be a lot of fun for some short term play. Good call!

  2. The nJoy pure plug is great. We have two, small and medium. Ab wears the medium on a regular basis. I use the small one now and then. They are definitely a worthwhile investment and like you said…steel on the front, steel behind. What could be sexier?


    • Who are you? 🙂

      Hope you guys are doing well!

      • I am that former prolific blogger who took a break from blogging (but not chastity and sex toys) for a few months…but now I’m back.

        Yes, we’re both fine. Way too busy with work but what else is new?


  3. PS, love the look of the anal hook. It’s on sale right now at Extreme Restraints, plus I have a 20% off coupon that expires on Halloween…hmmm….

  4. […] anal hook first because I suspect that is what most readers are interested in. I read on jnuts blog about his wish for an anal hook and he had a link to one at Extreme Restraints. Ab and I enjoy ass […]

  5. Yes the anal hook sounds great. I made my own spreaders with some wooden dowels I found and added some screw hooks to the ends and one in the center. Spray painted black and they look and work great. First time we tried then out I put them on wife’s ankle cuffs, rope from center to hook over her head in bed and pulled her feet up leaving her well exposed. She loved it so much she said I had to try it. Awesome!

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