Blatant theft

October 20, 2011

Had a great edging session last night and I will talk about that later. First I wanted to write about something I read on The Naked Husband this morning. He wrote about a list of sexual obsessions that he has. I identified with this post and would like to steal the topic.

Golden Showers:
I have blogged about this before and it is something Belle has promised to do to me someday. Thus far it has not happened. I really don’t know why I want it so bad but I have found that is often the case with my obsessions. I’m sure a lot of it is the loss of control. For the most part I don’t crave being degraded but I suppose this is an exception. The onpy other example I can think of is I like when Belle spits on me or spits in my mouth.

Cum swallowing:
I have written at length about this one. Obviously this one has been accomplished several times. The desire for this one I think stems from wanting to earn my orgasms. If I want to feel that pleasure, I should be expected to clean up my mess. Again, loss of control plays a part here.

Being a sex slave:
I like to be used. I love when Belle uses my body to get off and when she is done, she passes out.

I actually have a bit of a fantasy about this that will never happen but is still somethig hot to think about. In a nutshell, I am locked, fully clothed, and blindfolded on a bed. My wife chooses several friends, acquaintances, etc… And sends them in one by one and I have to get them all off orally. This would be a challenge since all women like it differently. I wouldn’t be able to see them so their anonymity would be preserved. I wouldn’t know how many there were and would have no idea how long it would last. In the end, if I did a good job, my wife would come in and unlock me and allow me to fuck her. I would never know who it was that I went down on which would always keep me wondering.

I think I read a story like that somewhere and I really liked it. Again, it will never happen as we are totally monogamous, but it is fun to think about. It seems like most chaste men have cuckold fantasies. I think this is my replacement for that.

Strap-on sex:
I love the dominance that Belle has over me when she is wearing a strap-on. Making me suck her “cock”, poundig my ass as hard as she wants. It never fails to make me drip.

These are just a few of the things that I obsess about when I’m locked and horny.


Last night was heavenly. I have not been edged in a while and I asked Belle if she would. I was soooooo sensative! Each stroke could have brought me off if I had allowed it. I encouraged her to try to make me cum. I don’t really think she understood what I was getting at. I am always reading about keyholders torturing their husbands by getting them on the edge, trying to push them over, forcing them to control themselves. All the while threatening them that they better not cum. It was a bit hard for me to describe last night and it still is, but I lobe the taunting aspect. Whenever I’m reminded about my chastity, it is usually in a joking tone. Yes, we need to be lighthearted about it sometimes, but sometimes I crave seriousness. Maybe it is just a domme-like attitude I crave. It is hard to feel like I have lost control when Belle asks me what I want or when I can tell she isn’t into it. I know I am topping from the bottom and she has often told me that she needs my input so I know that is ok. I just need her to be a bitch sometimes. I know she doesn’t want to be mean to me, but sometimes it is what I crave.

We have a book on its way that I’m thinking may help with this.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes when you start out blogging about something and you end up going on a rant about something else?



  1. I have been reading your blog for the past few days (I found it from a link on Devotedlvr’s blog) and I’m amazed at some of the similarities between your thoughts and mine, particularly the ones expressed in this post, as well as others. Like you, I find it is a lack of control that turns me on.

    The ideas you’ve expressed here are almost mirrors to mine, although I don’t necessarily ‘want’ to do them per se (and would not do them willingly), what turns me on is to be *forced* to do them. For me, the use of force (where I am being required to ‘do’ something) is a critical component of the eroticism, in addition to the lack of control (being restrained and unable to escape).

    ‘Spitting’ doesn’t do anything for me but Golden Showers are also one of my fantasies- being restrained at the time, with a ring-gag in my mouth (and a head-cradle?) and with the ‘conditioning’ of an arousal response to the trigger phrase “I need to pee”. I too have had fantasies of my wife’s friends or acquaintances ‘using’ me at her direction and their participation in a scene like this would intensify it.

    Combining the fantasies of the wife’s friends with ‘cum-swallowing’, a variation on the theme of being required to satisfy them orally would be discovering that they had all been fucked by their husbands not long before. I would, however, be naked and bound, and while I would certainly be willing to pleasure them under ordinary circumstances, the discovery that their pussies were oozing fresh cum would necessitate some very firm ball-squeezing to compel my participation in this case.

    I don’t particularly care for the smell or taste of semen but I have had fantasies of being forced to eat it. A number of years ago, when my wife and I were first experimenting with male chastity, after a month of being ‘locked up’ my wife had me tied to the bed with the CB-3000 removed and after some teasing she straddled me. After a month of horniness and no physical pleasure/release for me I was quite close to the edge already…then she told me not to cum, or I would be eating it out of her. I don’t know where she got this idea, I had certainly never mentioned to her the fantasy of being forced to do this and up until that point she had never demonstrated that level of kinkiness. It was a fantasy that had quite unexpectedly turned into a potential reality- and it was all I could do not to cum immediately on hearing those words. Then she started to move, sliding up and down, and it was all over…or so I thought…

    I had one of the best orgasms ever and I fully expected that she would untie me, laughing about how she ‘got’ me and would not really make good on her threat. After orgasm, the idea of licking her sperm-filled pussy was not particularly appealing, indeed, I would have characterized it as ‘nasty’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘humiliating’ at that point in time. I got my second surprise of the day when she climbed up onto my face, twisted her fingers into my hair and pulled until I did what she wanted. I didn’t want to do it, but at that point we had not discussed safewords- I had no escape and she was determined that I would complete the act. My third and final surprise was when I discovered that, while being forced to complete this ‘perverted’ act, my post-orgasm deflation had reversed itself and I was getting hard again. She had a great orgasm too, she said it was much better having her pussy eaten with the extra ‘slipperiness’ of being full of cum, and she said she got off on being so ‘naughty’ as well.

    I have cuckold fantasies as well but, where you mentioned that you would likely be extremely jealous if it were to actually happen, I don’t think I would have the same problem. I won’t go into the reasons now since this is already getting far too long (and for which I apologize, but I really haven’t had much opportunity to discuss this sort of thing with other, like-minded people).

    Like you, I have trouble discussing these things in person with my wife. Emotional responses and side-tracked thoughts make it difficult, I find it much better to be able to write out my thoughts so that I can express them fully. I’ve also thought of doing a blog for this reason but I’m not sure my wife would go for it.

    • What a wonderful comment! I am always surprised at the number of guys who say that it could very well be them writing my blog. It definitely makes me feel a little less wierd about my desires. Just think of how many other like-minded people we have out there who haven’t thought to look their fantasies up online.

      If you have not already made your way there, definitely check out chastityforums.com. There are a lot of nice people there that are more than happy to discuss the vanilla side of chastity.

      Losing control is definitely at the core of the majority of my preferences and fantasies. That is also the place where we are still working on getting right. Belle has a fear of control loss and has a difficult time seeing that I like it. It is a work in progress and I’m sure we will get there someday.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and if you have anything else to say on any of my posts, please do! There is nothing worse than getting 400 hits and no comments. You start to get a complex. šŸ˜‰

  2. Dude, I am a chaste man but I can promise you I have zero cuckhold fantasies… I would kill any man that went near CQ… and I’d take about a week to do it too! Cool blog, and your desires are not odd or wierd, they are yours and you should cherish that you have imagination!

    • We’re all a little different. Perhaps it is a bit easier for me to entertain the notion of cuckolding for a couple of reasons- the first is that when my wife and I were in the beginning years of our relationship, before we were married, she was young and still not completely sure of herself and what she wanted. We broke up several times and I knew that she was dating, and that it was not unlikely that she was sexually involved. As I saw it, I had two choices- I could either come to grips with the idea that she was sexually involved with other men and bide my time until she made the choice to come back to me (if that were to be her choice), or I could get pissed off and do the things that a pissed off guy tends to do when ‘his’ woman is out doing some other guy.

      Getting pissed off, behaving like a Neanderthal and killing my competition didn’t seem to be a course of action that would be likely to win her affections, for a number of reasons (nor am I the type to resort to begging and groveling, and she is not the type to respond favorably to it).

      So, the only logical choice that had the best odds of resulting in a favorable outcome was choice number one- behave in a civilized manner, let her get her head straight and make up her own mind. Attempting to force her affections back to me would have been an act of selfishness, not love.

      It was *not* an easy thing to do, but it *was* the *right* thing to do. Fast-forward- nearly three decades later we are together and unconditionally committed to each other, secure in our relationship. We’ve had our share of ups and downs, life-altering events and life-threatening scares that keep us in mind of our own mortality. We’ve struggled through a number of challenges that *could* have driven us apart if we had let them but instead have bonded us closer because we *chose* to get through them together.

      She [too] often sacrifices her own needs in favor of mine and has a strong compunction not to do anything that she thinks would ‘hurt’ me, either mentally or physically, which makes the whole FemDom/male chastity scenario somewhat peculiar for us because she has trouble reconciling the fact that my ‘needs’ in the scenario involve her putting *her* pleasure first and doing some things that *would* in fact ‘hurt’ me (physically). She herself enjoys a certain amount of pain when our roles are reversed, but she has trouble delivering it when I am the subject.

      Where was I going with this? Oh, yes, we’ve been through so much for so long that I don’t believe either of us can see ourselves with anyone else. I’m not afraid of her leaving me for another and the fact that I had to long ago become mentally comfortable with the idea of her being sexually involved with other men leaves the cuckold ‘fantasy’ as purely an exercise in erotic denial, heightened by the act of watching someone else enjoying the pleasure that I am denied, seeing her enjoying the pleasure of intercourse, perhaps assisting in giving her pleasure and giving her more afterward.

      But, this is my own view, based on past and current experiences and perceptions. I certainly would not recommend for anyone who is not completely secure with himself and his relationship, or who is subject to feelings of jealousy.

      My wife, on the other hand, *is* somewhat troubled by jealousy and a certain amount of insecurity, and [so far] cannot stand the thought of my pleasuring another woman, even at her direction as a scene in which she and other women ‘use’ me. (Although, last night we *did* have a scene which was somewhat in line with one of *your* ideas in your post above Jnuts, and during which she made the suggestion of having other Mistresses ‘assist’ her with my ‘training’…but I’ll have to get to that later…)

  3. I was going to comment in more detail, but your first responder has said all that I was going to say. Some of the details of his fantasy may be a bit different from mine, but if pressed, I would go with his. The key issue in this is “being forced to do it,” which absolves me from doing anything that I might otherwise consider wrong. After all, that is what volunary D/S is about.

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